The Xbox 'Ultimate Game Sale' Is Pretty Good For A Console Sale!

This week Microsoft is running a fairly extensive sale on its digital stores for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Anyone feel like maxing out their credit card? I know I do!

Major Nelson listed all the games currently on-sale on the store. It's a pretty significant list, and there are a lot of newish titles in there.

Everyone get Alien: Isolation. It's great.

Xbox One

Alien: Isolation — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Alien: Isolation Season Pass Add-On — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Angry Birds Star Wars — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare — Gold: 33%, Silver: 33% Costume Quest 2 — Gold: 67%, Silver: 60% Destiny — Gold: 33%, Silver: 33% Destiny Digital Guardian — Gold: 25%, Silver: 20% Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Forza Motorsport 5 — Gold: 40%, Silver: 33% Kinect Sports Rivals — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris & Season Pass — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Limbo — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor — Gold: 40%, Silver: 33% Monopoly Family Fun Pack: Gold: 33%, Silver: 25% NBA Live 15 Digital Edition — Gold: 85%, Silver: 75% Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Sniper Elite III — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Styx: Master of Shadows — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% The Crew — Gold: 33%, Silver: 25% The Crew Gold Edition — Gold: 33%, Silver: 25% The Telltale Games Collection — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Watch_Dogs — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50%

Xbox 360

Alien Isolation — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Alien: Isolation Season Pass — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Batman: Arkham City — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare — Gold: 33%, Silver: 25% Dark Souls — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Dead Island Riptide — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Destiny — Gold: 33%, Silver: 25% Devil May Cry 4 — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Dragon Age 2 — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Far Cry 3 — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% FIFA 15 — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Fight Night Champion — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Forza 4 Season Pass — Gold: 75%, Silver 67% Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Gears of War 3 — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Gears of War 3 Season Pass — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Halo 4 — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50% Injustice: Gods Among Us — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Just Cause 2 — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham — Gold: 40%, Silver: 33% LEGO Marvel Super Heroes — Gold: 67%, Silver: 60% Mass Effect — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Metro 2033 — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Mirror’s Edge — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% Mortal Kombat — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Pro Evo Soccer 2015 — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% Saints Row The Third — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Skate 3 — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% SoulCalibur V — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% South Park: Stick of Truth — Gold: 50%, Silver: 40% State of Decay — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Terraria — Gold: 80%, Silver: 75% The Orange Box — Gold: 75%, Silver: 67% Watch_Dogs — Gold: 60%, Silver: 50%

Buying anything? Let us know in the comments below.


    I've had issues with them. Lords of the Fallen is listed at 85% off on their website and on my console yet when I try to buy it no discount is applied. Their support have told me to try again tomorrow and say the sale isn't live yet even though every other game on their sale page is showing a discounted price....

      Came here just to say this. Pretty keen to give it a bash at the cheap price.

        The support member I spoke to wasn't helpful either, couldn't find the sale, ignored my links to it, then didn't know how to copy and paste the link to get there, then when he eventually found it he agreed it should be on sale and suddenly decided it was a known issue and told me to try in 24 hours. Took me far longer than it should have to get them to agree it was actually on sale. I understand that maybe they are in different regions but if I have an australian account, tell you i'm australian, and send you the au links you should know to check on the australian site. He also told me it was $59 for him which he tried to say was 85% off $99.95.

        Last edited 18/02/15 11:27 am

          I bought it yesterday for $14.99 if that helps. That said, it then completely crashed in the first boss fight and I had to restart my Xbox...

          $59? The guy was probably looking at the (standard) American price.
          Xbox Support is generally pretty hopeless.

        Lords of the Fallen isn't showing up in the sale section any more at all. I've saved my chat log where the rep told me it was for sale for 85% off though so they better honour it tomorrow.

          Yeah good luck with that - Xbox reps are horribly useless. I had screenshots of errors, my current xbox credit balance, the current price of a game etc etc while a sale was on and they just kept going "you can't buy a game for a cheaper price after the sale has finished"... but the sale was still live and I was getting errors lol. I was trying to get them to deduct my money and manually add the game to my account, but they couldn't wrap their head around it. Twitter referred me to chat, facebook PM'd me once and then never again and chat was just a human with a script. So annoying...

          Oh well the games in question were $10 lego games, and because I couldn't buy those I could buy $5 max payne 3/metal gear solid games lol. (this was a couple of years back)

          Last edited 19/02/15 2:34 pm

            They've told me today they are working to fix it and will notify me when I can buy it. Today they were helpful but the guy yesterday was useless.

      Every time theres been a stuff up with pricing/availability on the xbox store its been an overnight fix.

      I managed to get it for $15 yesterday, but I've heard other people are having trouble too.
      I guess I got lucky.

      In regards to the sale not being live yet, it's advertised as starting on the 18th, but all the prices I checked yesterday afternoon were already discounted.

      Last edited 18/02/15 11:59 am

      Supposedly it's possibly been bumped to the Weekend Deals.

    Might finally pick up a copy of Alien: Isolation....

      how much is this on the Aus store>? im stuck in us pricing, would be nice to see the difference. its $30 US.

        It still says $99.95 for xbox one but if you take off 60% that would make it $40.

        It's $27.98 for xbox 360.

    Um, useless without prices?

      Problem is that Major Nelson only publishes them like this. Would be way too much work for very little payoff to click through all of them and transcribe the actual costs. I figure if you see a game that you're interested, go to the link and click through to find the price?

        Plus Major Nelson is tweeting that for multiple regions isn't he? These still seem to be the same %s as on the Australian and US store so the final price would vary

        You can view the sale (and buy) from

        You still have to click each individual game to get a prices though (and obviously be logged in if you want to see the gold price).

    Only time we get normal priced digital games in Australia... if we're lucky.

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