The Zombie That Just Wouldn't Die

I tried to warn everybody: Dying Light can be a really, really hard game. If you still don't believe me, witness one player wailing on a zombie for a solid minute and a half and the f**ker still won't go down.

Granted, Reddit user xXEndXx doesn't look like he's using the best zombie-killing techniques Dying Light protagonist Kyle Crane has at his disposal. So if you're reading this, fellow enemy of the zombies, be sure to check out my gameplay tips. Pay close attention to the passage on the most efficient way to kill zombies.

Stay safe out there, denizens of Harran. There's a new extra hard mode coming soon, after all.


    "Weapon is broken"

    Well, actually the player is broken. Change to a non-broken weapon, and that zombie would have gone down in seconds.

    Anyone that's played the game would quickily spot that well, firstly he's using kicks (which do no damage), then he uses a broken weapon, (again, no damage) and then he attacks with zero stamina (guess what, no damage).

    The reason it dies at the end is because he's actually uses a weapon that isn't busted up and actually has stamina. So basically a video of a guy that can't play the game very well.

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      And thats why this is in its own article, as opposed to being in the 'Highlight Reel'

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