These New Just Cause 3 Screenshots Look Unreal

Just wow. These screenshots have better explosions that a Fast and the Furious trailer. Also: wingsuits. Glorious wingsuits.

I'm certain this is bullshot territory, but I'm happy just to gaze upon these images. They're genuinely just pretty to look at. They turned up on NeoGAF and yeah... they've pretty much just convinced me that I want to play this video game.

Mainly because wingsuits: video games have suffered from a terminal lack of wingsuits for way too long. Hopefully Just Cause 3 will help usher in a glorious new wingsuit period that will reign for eternity.

Also explosions: massive, unnecessary, pornographic explosions. I'm pretty good with that as well. Holy hell this game looks fantastic.


    Aw man, I'm gonna have so much fun with this! Can't wait. Pretty damn hype for Mad Max too.

    Gonna be a big year for Avalanche.

    It's called bullshots.

      "I’m certain this is bullshot territory, but I’m happy just to gaze upon these images."

      It's called reading.

        Sorry mate did not see that at all. I tend to just look at images when there are tons of them :P

        Sorry Mark I jumped the gun but the bullshot is strong in these screenshots.

          Bullshots aside, though, it looks gooooood. File this one under tentatively excited!

            Indeed it does! A step up from the previous entry. I wonder what engine will they be using. I found a few reference that it is being build with luminous engine. It would be incredible if it did. No game is running on Luminous engine yet

              It's really just a logical progression from #2 graphically... So calling them bullshots might be overreaching. We'll see.

              I do love how colourful the game is though... Same as the second.

    I always thought the just cause 2 engine was a perfect fit of bionic commando, it's pity we got that piece of rubbish from grin a few years ago now.

    The photoshop and image filters are strong in this one my young padawan.

    Have they confirmed multiplayer for this yet?

    For some bizarre reason I just couldn’t get into the second game, it just felt kinda flat (despite being the sequel to a game I really enjoyed).

    I’m hoping this game brings a few new things to the table besides being damn pretty.

      Are you aware of the JC2 mp mod? Its pretty rad I hear!

      I didn't play that much of the story of Just Cause 2, but I still load it now and again just for hilarious chaos and destruction.

      They confirmed they're NOT doing multiplayer, at least at launch.

        Wow......... I mp?????? Feels like a dire mistake.....

          I think I've got more than enough multiplayer experiences available at my fingertips that I can be content that a single game company has decided to put 100% of their resources and time into a polished single player game and not compromise their vision with a half baked multiplayer inclusion, at least not at launch. Hell, looking at Halo MCC and DC, I'm very glad it won't be launching with multiplayer issues shrouding a dark light on the game. And who knows, they may well add post-launch if its popular enough.

            If you'd played JC2 multiplayer you wouldn't say this ;)

              Haha I have, but if the community wants it bad enough, and if JC3 is different enough to justify it, I can see either the modding community or Avalanche fulfilling that desire.

                This is true, plus they'd probably cap it at 32 players or something lol. Had a fight at an airport in it once with 90+ people running around, was insanity...

    Even with bullshots its obvious that like the last game, only a few select items are destructible. All that destructive power - nothing vs chain link fence.

    May I politely remind everyone that while yes, these have likely been bullshotted,

    JC2 was a damn pretty game.
    I expect these are not far off the mark.

    When did we last hear of the Mad Max game these guys are working on? Seems like an eerie silence has fallen over that for the last couple of months. Unless there was some new trailer or something announced recently that I somehow missed completely.

    In any case, JC3 looks like it's shaping up really well. Just hope it has a meatier story component than 2. I've played that game through all the way and I can't remember a single thing that happened.

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    i put over 2,000 hours into jsut cause 2, however my steam only says 242+ hours, but that was because i originally pirated it, JC3 im buying from day 1 and will have well over 2,000 hours on it

    Look at early screenshots at pretty much any game and they look awesome. These look alot like "back of the box" shots for sure.

    bullshots maybe, but that sort of crazy shit is what Just Cause is all about.

    Looks good,

    Looks like it retained that JC:2 look that i loved so much

    Is the flag on the tail of the jet meant to be that of Irans? - or rather, a knock off of? Looks a lot like it. Similar paint scheme to their air force as well.

      It'll be fictional, like Panau was in JC2. The flag in the screenshot looks to be a hybrid of Tajikistan and Iraq.

    But it's the same damn game. Again.

    Enjoyed the first 2 but no desire to do it again with prettier gfx.

    nah, it's not Unreal, it's Luminous (Studio)

    *ba boom tish*

    Just Cause 2 was easily my favourite straight up chaotic open word game of the last few years, looking forward to seeing how 3 turns out.

    Not usually into sandbox games but this, honestly, looks fantastic.

    I hope there are shotgun ninjas again. Shotgun ninjas are awesome.

    Feels like I am taking crazy pills these shots looks soo much worse than JC2 .. maybe the water looks slightly better but terrain & foliage looks horrible.

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