The Toy Story Truck That Is In Every Damn Pixar Movie

The Toy Story Truck That Is In Every Damn Pixar Movie

If you're a Pixar fan, you've probably heard about the Pizza Planet truck easter egg, which famously appears in many of the films they make. Here is every single instance that the truck has appeared in a Pixar movie, chronicled in four minutes.

As you might know, Pizza Planet is a famous location inside of the world of Toy Story — but that's not the only place where the the location is referenced, as evidenced by this montage created by FunWithGuru.

Honestly, I missed quite a few of these over the years. I'm particularly baffled by its inclusion in movies like Brave, and Cars. Yes, the latter cameo makes sense, except I'm weirded out by the idea that eventually, the truck becomes sentient. What.


    Wonder why it didn't make an appearance in The Incredibles?

      "We can't keep doing this, Bob."

        You, sir, have my infinite respect for pulling out such an adequate quote.

      Perhaps the Incredibles is the only Pixar movie that doesn't exist inside the Pixar 'universe'/ 'timeline'? IDK enough about it to be sure though (or really make assumptions) lol.

        Does that means Cars is kind of like Toy Story then? All the cars wake up when no one is around?

        Despicable Me and The Incredibles would fit well together though.

          Well, the theory is apparently all about magic and the 'end of the world' where all the humans leave earth and only inanimate objects (cars) are left, powered by magic (Until the humans return in Walle).

          The worlds are supposedly tied together by the little girl from Monsters Inc, constantly searching for the monsters world. She is thought to be the witch from brave (or something), which is why she disappears through closing doors, and is thought to be the one who started it all (Or something, I heard the Pixar theory a while ago and can't remember it well and don't feel like googling it lol).

          So yes, the cars are kinda like the toys from toy story as they are fuelled by magic, but the super heroes in the Incredibles are just 'super'. From my knowledge, that's the only Pixar movie which is 'super' and not 'magical', which could be why it's not included in the same universe in my hap hazard theory.

          As I say, I don't know what I'm talking about though lol.

      yeah weird its not in there.

    I liked this truck, but never noticed it outside Toy Story.

    Showing the scene twice, slowed down with zooming the second time with annoying music is always the best way to make a youtube video.

      You sir, must now direct all my future youtoob videos. You have the formula perfected!

    Same with the yellow/blue ball with a red star on it, it might not be in every film, but it's in a fair few of them.

      yeah you are right. it is in alot if not all.

    There's a department at Pixar dedicated to find ways of discreetly adding the pizza truck to each movie.

    Never noticed how A Bugs Life and Monsters Inc line up with the same caravan location. Thats cool.

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