This Dark Souls Video Has Lulled Me Into A Delightful 'Lore Coma'

VaatiVidya just has one of those voices. The kind of voice where you lob him a phonebook and say "READ. NOW."

The fact that he spends most of his time creating incredibly layered, sophisticated analysis of the lore of Dark Souls is just icing on the cake.

Vaati's latest video is a humdinger, in that it laces together the lore from both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, creating an intricate look at how themes of both games work back and forth with one another. As always with videos like this, it's difficult to see where the speculation ends and begins, but it remains fascinating. Even for me, a person who is bored to death by lore and slashed my way blindly through both games, this stuff is kinda fascinating.

Or maybe it's just the voice.

It's probably just the voice.


    Great video! The top comment on youtube adds an interesting theory:

    The Dark Soul is so powerful that the Lords split it (they burned/killed the Pygmy) and hollows that walked beside dragons got these fragments which made them human.The humans loved their new form and thus they wanted to keep the humanity which made the lords happy because in that way the Dark Soul was split.But the "curse" is actually a mechanism with which the Dark Soul tries to merge back together.Humans go insane and revert to their original hollow form.The humanity leaves them and thus it is one step closer to merging back together.Witch of Izalith failed with her plan but Gwyn made the bonfires and the firekeepers.A system with which he can make humans burn humanity on the bonfire which would go to the fire keeper.When he and the church wanted they could kill the firekeeper and thus split all the humanity within her again.The chosen undead was the guy who would collect so much humanity that the Dark Soul would be almost complete.So they created the "chosen undead" lie so that person burns him/her self and splits the Dark Soul to pieces again.Hence the name of the game Dark SoulS.

    P.S.And the reason why humans are drawn to Lordran/Drangleic is because the Humanity in them is drawn towards it's origin.Towards Manus/Abyss.Thank you +Dave Henge for reminding me of this.

    I am not into guys or anything but that voice. Man, I wish I sounded like that instead of my stupid Aussie accent.

    I love people piecing more of the lore together for me. I actually paid a lot of attention but there is so much. Having it all put together though from help just makes slashing through the games world so more engrossing.
    I still prefer the vibe of Demons Souls even if Dark is better crafted etc.

    Hey Sony, 1080p 60fps PS4 Demon's Souls please!!!!

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