This Might Be The Best Jump In Grand Theft Auto V

Just a short one. I caught this on Reddit and yeah, it's just about the best stunt jump I've ever seen in Grand Theft Auto V. It sort of looks like the kind of jump you think might work, but never comes good in practice. Except, this time, it totally works.

Warning for those on mobile: massive GIF incoming.

In a strange way it makes me want to play games that aren't Grand Theft Auto V. Games like Skate, or Trials: games that allow you to do stupidly massive jumps and land on impossible obstacles. The kind of game that makes you all like WOOO DID YOU SEE THAT GODDAMN JUMP I JUST LANDED HOLY SHIT!

It's been a while since I played a game like that.


    I want to upvote this article so much because it is one of the very rare times we are warned that we are about to download 10s of MB worth of gifs.

    Just right clicked on the video to save as and this is the name of the vid apparently FemaleConcernedAsianelephant.webm??

      The image host, gfycat, assigns random words to the uploaded filename.

        Cheers for that as someone who never uses tit i was not aware..

          You never use tit? It's not for everyone but I personally recommend them.

            I love the tit.... can't say I use them as such, but I do what I can.

    Enough with the GIFs! The warning was nice but it doesn't stop the video from playing; making the warning almost useless.

    This video is murdering desktop chrome. Plus it only shows the top left quarter. I had to save it to see it.

    Also, the jump was OK I guess. You can pull of some pretty cool stuff in a sanchez. We should have a competition.

      It's one of the more mundane jumps in GTAV, really. There are a lot better than that out there.

    For those measuring file sizes, a WEBM this long, at this size, sits comfortably under 6MB. Seriously, more websites should be using WEBMs.

    Last edited 24/02/15 9:56 pm

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