This Video Explains GTA Online In 30 Seconds

Despite really enjoying the last two Grand Theft Auto game, I've never managed to convince myself to play GTA Online. This video makes a pretty solid argument as to why I should stop what I'm doing and pay attention.

It started out as an innocent traffic accident. 10 seconds later, there was a goddamn airstrike.

That escalated quickly.


    This is the exact reason I DON'T play GTA online.

      Passive mode exists, where none of that would effect you.

        last time i played online you could still die in Passive mode by getting hit by cars (player or NPC) and also possibly from explosions, at least if they launch you and you take impact damage

    GTA online was awesome when it first came out, especially if you manage to find a room with peaceful players that will take part in activities with you. It's also fun doing the missions if you have a few friends to play with. The only problem I found is that unlike other online games it starts to grow a bit boring rather quickly.

    This is the exact reason I DO play GTA online.

    (or at least I did on PS3 and will once it's on PC)

    This is what I love about GTA Online, sure you can go do missions/jobs/races/etc which are great fun and a good way of earning cash.

    But you can also just go shoot stuff up out in the city and have a street battles with other players.

    If street battles aren't your thing though you can always turn passive mode on and avoid this.

      Eh, but if you'r in passive mode it looses most of the reason to be online: Player interactions. (Not that I disagree with you though)

        Of course being in passive mode takes part of GTAO away, but some people might just want to play in a controlled environment of a job and not a sandbox.

          I get that, but it's a bit of a stretch. For me, Passive mode is for getting from point A to B if you don't want to screw around I suppose.

            Yeah, there is nothing more I enjoy in GTAO than seeing another play coming towards you on the map and you waiting for them to get close enough to blow them way with your shotgun ^_^

            I'm starting to wonder what colour my dot is now.

              I don't like to think the worst in people and so I never take the first shot, so when I see a player maker approaching me on the map I get quite anxious as i wonder if they're going to be friendly or drive past at high speed and throw a sticky bomb at me. if they choose the latter I then persistently hunt them down until they finally leave the session.

                Yeah throwing a sitcky and continuing to drive on isn't nice. But surely if you see someone approaching you with their weapon out you're going to question their motives.

                  I don't think I've ever had an encounter where someone holsters their weapon. I guess everyone is so on edge during the run in that having gun at the ready is just a little comforting... just like real life merica! seriously though, I've had alot of temp team ups to take out a common greifer and those encounters always start of a little hostile. it's great though, the no knowing is why I play Online.

                  This is when sticky comes in handy


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    Love the fact people think an online world filled with players trying to be hardened criminals with free roam capabilities would lead to a enjoyable experience while off-mission. Its like walking into IS owned territory for a morning stroll and a coffee....

    The roam needs more to do. An entire map game of death-chasies would be a good one.

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