This Video Just Convinced Me To Play Dying Light

I love climbing in video games. There's an inherent drama about it and a plausible, easily comprehensible goal. When games make climbing rewarding, they tend to be good video games. This video showcases Dying Light's attempt at video game climbing and it's fairly spectacular.

The thing that makes this so good, just to watch, is how palpable the fear is. Dying Light does a spectacular job of making you feel as though you are actually high; that there will be consequences if you fall. That's key.

Also key: a sense of proper scale. In the above video the world of Dying Light feels huge. The size of it is hyper tangible. The struggle of getting to the top is worth it for that view. It looks spectacular.

I think I really want to just pick up this game and climb things.

But man, diving into water with zero consequences from that height? That breaks the illusion somewhat. Your body would snap in half from that height.


    More illusion-breaking for me was the weird scramble up the wall each time they pulled up from a ledge. Do they have Spiderman-type hairy fingers or something?

    Also the super weird wrist angle at ~1:30.

      I think it's more designed for when you're on the ground, running at a wall, you take a few steps up it and then push off. Looks pretty good like that, I didn't even know you could use it like this :P

      Yeah I have to agree that looks completely unnatural.

    The pay off of hitting the water was a little disappointing....

      Yea, I was kinda hoping for something like CJ in San Andreas Oooh SHIIIIIII-SPLASH!

    Im 42 hours in, and about 70% completion, im loving the game, while the zombie combat gets a little boring until you unlock some kickass skills/weapons, the free roaming is soooo much fun... i spent an hour yesterday just doing free running challenges.


    I'm still on the fence about this game. It looks like fun, but from reviews I've seen it seems that it's one of those "you need to play with people to have fun" titles.

      Oh screw that, I hate people.

        I have a hard time organizing my friends together to get sessions going, so I think that single player still has a place in gaming. If a game "becomes more fun when you have others with you" then it's doomed to fail. Look at Titanfall. Great game, needed others to make it fun. Not many people play it now.

          Nah, disagree. Monster Hunter, great alone, even better with people.

      Nah its massive fun by yourself but ULTRA fun with people. It's just fun all around!

      Solo the game can be hard and terrifying (which is fun) with mates ist pretty much EZ mode and full of laughs... so its the best of both worlds IMO

    You do this on a regular basis, don't you Mark?

      Climb up stuff with a grappeling hook? That's just a normal Thursday for me.

        You get into work through the window don't you

    I was a little unsure about this game. But I've been watching a lot of gamers playing this on Youtube and it has made me want to get it.

    I've been watching a LOT of Dying Light videos. Like... a LOT.

    I made a resolution that I wouldn't buy any games in 2015, allowing myself like... three exceptions. I THOUGHT that these would be Bloodborne, Final Fantasy 15, and Witcher 3. But Dying Light makes me reconsider those priorities something fierce.

      Final Fantasy 15 will probably be delayed another 5 years so you should be alright.

    Climbing up the inside of that bridge/tower took me sooooo long, obviously should've waited for grappling hook/Tic-tac thing lol.

    Is there anything when you reach the top? Would have loved a unique weapon or something cool hidden up there.

      There's a statue collectable at the top of one of the comms towers..........

      Last edited 10/02/15 2:00 pm

      I think there's a weapon mod blueprint or something on top of one side, around 2/3 of the way up also has a bed/stash (safe house).
      You do need to go up most of the way (to the scaffolding near the end of this video IIRC) at some point for one or two side-quests too.

      You also go up there for a side quest and there's an achievement for jumping off it.

    I climbed it without that grappling hook, i died twice missing a ledge.
    I actually hate that hook as it cheapened the experience for me.

    Here's a link of me and a mate jumping off it

    honestly, that video was enough for me not play the game the gravity-defying wall-cling an unlockable or what?
    Game looks fun, but I'm not feeling "...consequences if you fall...' when the player seems to hover like Peach from Super Mario Bros. 2.

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