Tiny Felt Pokémon Contain Weaponised Levels Of Cute

Tiny Felt Pokémon Contain Weaponised Levels Of Cute

They’re round, they’re small, they’re fluffy, they’re based on cute fictional monsters, and they’re smiling. Yep, that’s a deadly combo alright.

The talented individual behind these felted dolls is DeviantArt’s xxNostalgic. She’s made quite a few of them over the past few years — up top, you can see Pikachu Pudding and Ribbon Raichu. There’s a lot more Pokémon, for example Gengar:


Miniature Squirtle:

Shiny Wailord:


And there’s the two older versions of Pikachu and Raichu. This is Pikachu:

And Fancy Raichu:

But it doesn’t stop at Pokémon. Here’s Finn and Miniature Jake:

And finally, everyone’s favourite neighbour, Totoro:

Check out xxNostalgic at DeviantArt and Etsy to see more of her work.

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