To People Who Like 4x Space Strategy Games

Video: If you like 4x space strategy games: here is Falling Stars: War of Empires, a new 4x space strategy game that has some surprisingly nice art for a genre in which you don't get to say that too often. And also a name that will play nice with certain Steam searches, I bet.


    That...has nothing to do with a galaxy far far away.

    Related, if you like space strategy games, Homeworld & Homeworld 2 remakes are out. This makes me more exciting than the vast majority of new games coming out soon

      Homeworld remastered is still not quite out, when they said the 25th they meant in America, So it'll be up tomorrow. But possibly tonight.

      I have mine preloaded in Steamm and still can't play it.

      Agreed, it's the game I'm been most excited to play this year. I never HW2 and I haven't touched HW1 since 1999.

      I can't wait til tomorrow...

    As a person who does like 4x space strategy games... this looks totally dull and generic. I didn't see anything in that trailer that I hadn't seen before elsewhere.

      +1 turn based games like this are a bit of a turn off in it's self

    Let's be honest.... nothing will ever be quite as good as MoO2.

    "...a genre in which you don’t get to say [it has surprisingly nice art] too often..."? WHAAAT? There are heaps of space 4x games that have nice art.

    Sins of a Solar Empire. Homeworld 1, not only looks visually better than Falling Stars but also looks more complex, with more depth in both UI, story and gameplay, too. Homeworld Remastered blows this out of the water. Although, I admit that the Homeworld series is not a traditional 4x game. I'll even take Distant Worlds' 2D functional UI as "surprisingly nice art".

    Falling Stars looks to be a simplified 4x for the tablet generation.

    Your statement of ""...a genre in which you don’t get to say [it has surprisingly nice art] too often..." betrays your experience with space 4x games.

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