Tony Abbott's 'Sinking Ship' Is No Longer Just A Metaphor, It's A Video Game

Will Tony Abbott still be Prime Minister of Australia this time next week? It's difficult to tell, but reports of an LNP leadership spill have been rife over the past week, and it looks like Tone's days might be numbered. Enter Tone's Sinking Ship a new video game that has you avoiding dead pieces of the great barrier reef and toxic smog "created by the repeal of the Carbon Tax". How long will Tony stay in power?

This looks a lot like those weird political games that were made in two days flat, but hey, if you're bored and find the current political situation worthy of a satirical video game, knock yourself out. You can download it here. It's currently Android only.

(Should have been a flash game.)


    The one place I thought I could escape the 24/7 news cycle that has become Australian political environment...

      You usually can, except when it becomes about games, internet speeds etc.

      Have a laugh at the rushed joke game and move on.

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