Very '90s Commercial Has Guitars And... Stuff

Very 90s Commercial Has Guitars And...Stuff

Video: The acting, the wardrobe, the guitars, the first half of this fake commercial is about as '90s as it gets. Only... Look, just don't watch this at work.


    Jesus Christ, it goes from 90s 'awesome' to OMFG in a heartbeat.
    You could see it coming, but man it was more gruesome than I imagined.

      Well I didnt read the one sentence that came with this article and missed that it was fake..... my eyeballs almost fell out of their head.

      I knew something was going to happen but my mind was wandering down the T1000 route because of the liquid metal effect.

    The hair tho. Too contemporary. Not enough high-top fades or excessive gel

    Me as a kid: "Liquid Slam sounds awesome!" As an adult: "Liquid Slam sounds like the title of a bukake porn film."

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