VR Demo Brings Shark Nightmare To Life

VR Demo Brings Shark Nightmare To life

I'm tremendously excited about virtual reality's potential. We'll be able to visit far-off worlds and have experiences that haven't even been dreamed up yet! If I was making a top 10 list of things I wanted to better understand through VR, however, a shark attack wouldn't be on it.

As part of a promotion for Samsung's Gear VR, the company filmed sharks underwater and asked a bunch of unsuspecting humans to have a little fun under the sea. Most of the footage is calm, serene, and allows you to interact with a place most of us will never visit. It's peaceful.

The whole thing takes a nasty turn towards the end, though.

VR Demo Brings Shark Nightmare To life


Maybe you're actually the worst, VR.


    Is that... Alice Springs? Yes, I suppose that is the last place you'd open a dive store.

      Actually they flooded a few weeks back. So plenty of water in the region ATM.

        I used to live there. I remember how it was always an event when the Todd was flowing.

          I used to live in the tanami so I know the feeling. Never liked Alice its too damn cold.

    Nobody threw up............VR is coming along nicely.

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