Watch 18 Minutes Of Bloodborne Gameplay

I can't think of a game I'm anticipating more highly than Bloodborne. Dark Souls was probably the best game of the last generation and the thought of Miyazaki putting all his effort into a brand new video game universe excites me. You know what else excites me? 18 minutes of Bloodborne footage.

IGN got the chance to check out the game and have posted the opening 18 minutes of the game, with some of the character creation cut. IGN are claiming they'll look at that in more depth later this week.

But for now might as well take the chance to watch the game in action. The final release is close. So close!



    Hopefully this game makes me plug my PS4 back in to the TV

    I skipped Dark Souls 2. I am getting back on board for Bloodborne. This may be the first game I pre-order in maybe 5 years

    Looks as much of a clunky mess as Dark Souls 2, will still probably try it out

      Really? You think so? I think the animations look way better than DS1, even. The camera is still terrible but it looks like you can target different limbs at least. I'm definitely hopeful (although I still don't know if I'll get a PS4 for it)

    Finally a reason to turn my ps4 on. Cant wait to get into this!

    I am excited about the game, but I am also worried that I won't be able to master it. I like to hide behind my shield in souls game... now they have taken that away...

      Me too! I'm actually looking forward to being forced to adopt new, more aggressive tactics. From what I've seen it looks like health regenerates every time you land a hit, so the balanced difficulty will still be there, I think.

        Good to know that someone is in the same boat as me. I guess it's like any new games, adapt or die! (Pun intended)

      I'm the same but after playing the alpha and beta you sort of get used to it. The death and repetition really trains you how to play quickly.

      I found the dual swordsman the best option, being very quick and agile he's a lot of fun.

      But yeah say goodbye to turtling down those long hallways

        Great to hear! Now I am more excited about the game. Hearing from someone who has actually played it really helps, thanks!

    Huh? Typical comments from people with absolutely no taste in games, or just hipster kids craving attention.

    But hey, you'll be missing out on potentially the greatest game of the year. Not me. Don't play, go back to COD or Battlefield. This is a game for real gamers.


      EDIT: Gamespot is that way....

      Last edited 03/02/15 2:35 pm

        Hahaha! The first thing I thought when I read that post was "Hmmm... Looks like a Gamespot comment".

    Dark souls best game of last generation .... Ummm no.

      Serrels worships DS. Just look at who covers the DS articles.

    I am going to be so terrible at this. I was a shield noob throughout DS1 and DS2.

    I hope they are going to employ some AA on the retail version. It looks a bit rough.

    I wonder if this will ever find its way to PC. Want it so bad.

    I was going to buy a PS4 for the occasion, but finances no longer allow it.

    This looks brutal and I don't have a PS4. I was terrible at Souls 2; never made it past the looking glass knight. But these FROM games have such incredible atmosphere. Souls scared the shit outta me, I think this would be even worse.

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