Watch People Using Street Fighter Moves In Real Life

Even if an MMA fighter recently attempted a Hadouken mid-fight, no-one could ever possibly say that Street Fighter represents the art of real fighting in any feasible way. But...


Jack Slack, probably the world's best martial arts analyst/writer, has written a great article linking some of Street Fighter's moves to actual moves used in mixed martial arts fights. You might be surprised how many fights have featured Street Fighter-esque moves.

It's a really interesting, GIF heavy article that made some cool connections I wasn't aware of. I knew that Sagat was based on real-life Thai Boxer Sagat Petchyindee, but I had no idea that Abel was somewhat modelled on Heavyweight all-time great Fedor Emelianenko. There you have it.

Well worth reading.


    You know saying he attempted a move that throws balls of energy around is a bit of a stretch, as to attempt it you'd have to hope for some sort of success. More like he attempted to generate press around himself by imitating a play fight in a school ground by 8 year olds.

    And as to 90% of the moves in the linked story, does the author actually think video game moves moved into martial arts or is it more likely martial arts moves were copied by games?

    The moron doing the roll was just asking for a kick to the head.

      I thought it was pretty clear that the article was pretty tongue-in-cheek. And while the guy doing the roll was pretty dumb and asking to get his head kicked in, it obviously took the other guy by surprise and got him out of the corner, so you can't really argue that it didn't work in this instance.

      What THE HELL?! It's a joke, dude. It's tongue-in-cheek. It's insane how seriously people take the science of hurting people.

    Alot of tekken moves are legit. Minus the juggling....

    Next on Kotaku, Mortal Kombat moves in martial arts fights.

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