Watch The Gorgeous Trailer For Alto's Adventure

Video: The moment someone utters the term "endless runner", my eyes begin to glaze over. And yet, as I watched the utterly gorgeous trailer for Alto's Adventure, a snowy adventure through the mountains, I began to consider an exception. Alto's Adventure comes out next week on iOS.


    For a moment I thought it was "Aldo's Adventure", which was a bad Mario clone for PC I loved when I was a wee one.

    Still, this looks gorgeous. Reminds me of the stuff at

      That's really pretty. The only reservation I have is that I've been conditioned to associate this type of gameplay with cheap, money grabbing mobile games. :(

    looks like a game from the 80s.... remind me what year is this? was this game made by a child?

    Sigur Rós' music makes anything majestic. You could add it to Flappy Bird and it'd look like art.

    Beautiful music (I wonder if the Sigur Ros song is just for the trailer but hopefully they will have an ingame soundtrack as good as the trailer's) and a minimalistic graphics style that is simple yet beautiful. The gameplay looks refined and hopefully entertaining but the real selling point should be the exciting spirit of adventure and exploration. Cant wait to get this game Feb 19.

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