Watching Kids Rage Quit Super Meat Boy Is The Best

Consider this a remind of one, how good Super Meat Boy was and, two, how goddamn frustrating it was! This video puts Super Meat Boy in front of a number of young kids and the reactions are spectacular.

There's the little girl, must be about seven years old, totally rage quitting. There's an older girl who doesn't play video games slowly developing a real talent for it, and then learning a new found respect for gamers in general. There's a girl who just won't sit still in her chair she's so tense and excited.

This might actually be my favourite react video ever. Mainly because, if you've played Super Meat Boy, you just have such a profound understanding of what these people are going through. Also: Super Meat Boy is such a great spectator sport.

Best quote:

"If I go too far I DIE.

"If I do the slightest mistake I DIE.

"If I forget to jump at one point I DIE.

"If I forget to jump off the edges and go too far I DIE.

"If I stand on a place too long I DIE.


So, so amazing.


    Finishing that game was a great achievement for me. Didn't beat all the dark world levels though...not that l33t. Also managed to beat this level which took a few hours:

    Heh, I bet a publisher is watching this and going,

    "Whaaaaat!? They're happy without tutorial prompts and hand holding!? They're not asking for microtransactions!? Oh I see, it's obviously fake. Release the second Dungeon Keeper mobile game with pay per minute microtransactions!!".

    These kids are really bad at platformers. A clear sign that we need more of them!

    I've 106% completed Super Meat Boy and I don't really think it's as difficult as people say. It was tough, sure, but the infinite lives made it not frustrating.

      Dude. It's hard. It's really hard. Just completing that game, not 106% was one of the most difficult things I've done in my life.

      It's a tough game for sure. And those kids are, mostly, very young. I could not have handled this game at their age, not by a long shot. And one of them had never played a game before! Go easy on them.

      Well sure, give me infinite chances to do something and I will eventually succeed too. Doesn't mean that it's not difficult though, especially if you haven't had a lifetime of developing the skills necessary for playing platformers well.

    Ooh, I want to play Meat Boy again!

    Didn't get very far in it the last time I tried.

    Pfft, In my day we had megaman, that was hard and we liked it!

    I think they actually played it too and they found it diamond hard too.

    The dudes reaction at 7.40 sums up my experience with Super Meat Boy :)

    Last edited 19/02/15 3:41 pm

    I have beaten the normal game, not dark world. I still have it installed one day... maybe.
    What I found was that you needed to get in a certain "zone" where you start playing with a bit more instinct and rely on reaction time a bit more. It's weird to say but a lot of the levels aren't about precision more about brute strength platformer chops and dexterity. Especially levels with infinite homing rockets coming at ya.
    Those kids are painfully noob though. They need to start off with a mario game, you gotta walk before you can run.

    That one girl who complained about playing as the boy (just using that line to identify her, but damn if that isn't compelling evidence we need less brown haired white male protagonists) was really impressive. That's the kind of attitude towards difficulty ("just one more level") that got me into games playing N back when it was just a flash game, the feeling of finally finishing every level was awesome (the game only had three tiers when I played it, I believe it has 10 now). Good on all these kids, they handled it really well given how little experience they all seemed to have.

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