What Are You Playing This February?

What Are You Playing This February?

Last month I forgot about this post and wound up running it in the middle of the month, but I'm determined to get us all on track going forward. So, what have you been playing lately? What's on your agenda for February?

I'll go first: I've finally taken a break of sorts from Destiny. (And the crowd goes wild!) The game has reached a natural lull in between expansions, and Crota's End hard mode has been a pretty resounding disappointment for me and my raid team. So, we're all just running the occasional nightfall and that's about it. Which means I've got a lot more time for other games.

I just played Life is Strange and really liked it — more on that soon. I also just played the second episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones, which I also liked, and which I'll also have more on soon, since I don't want to just write a bunch of meaningless spoiler-free stuff when few of you have even played it yet. At Jason's behest, I'm playing through the first Suikoden, and liking that as well, though it sure is a crusty old JRPG. Everything takes a billion years, and managing my inventory makes me want to stab someone. But I'm liking the story, and am psyched to get to the sequel.

I've been playing more Grim Fandango Remastered, and am basically just using a FAQ at this point so I can relive the story. Those puzzles are haaaard, man. While I was in NYC last week I played a fair chunk of Gravity Ghost on my laptop, which I like quite a bit. It's a small game with a nifty central mechanic that relies heavily on feel and intuition for mastery, and Ben Prunty's music is perfect. I'm also playing Dying Light, which I am liking and which is more like Far Cry 2 than I was expecting. That said, a few hours into it, I can use my imagination and guess what the next 18 will be like. Also on the agenda: Darkest Dungeon, which is new on Steam Early Access and which I'm psyched to check out, and soon, Majora's Mask 3DS, which a few of my colleagues are already playing but which I don't have yet.

That's me, more or less. How about you? What are you playing this month? Sound off below.


    Finally got a TV last night so will be gaming again, want to finish FarCry4, getting Dying Light this week and will definitely be getting The Order: 1886.

    I just bought the Star Wars humble bundle and Prison Architect. So my Feb will be a mixture of nostalgia and frying.. er ... looking after prisoners!

    Stuff all, got freelance work at the moment and pretty much every spare minute is being taken up with that. But, Wolfenstein, FC4 and Dying light are the current focus.

    Majoras Mask 3DS, Mario Kart (i cant stop) and......Destiny....still.

    I'll probably be picking up the order if it reviews ok which will give me a reason to play my ps4. I'll also probably get don bradmans cricket again when it re launches for xbox one. Outside of those two I'm not sure of much else coming out I'm interested in but I've probably forgotten something.

    Just picked up Saints Row IV on PS4 last night, freshly delivered from the UK, so lots of non-censored shenanigans.

    Followed by cleaning up those last few little quests in Dragon Age Inquisition, some Diablo 3 and I'll try Transistor since it's free on PSN for the month.

    5 day weekend this weekend going out of town for a few days but will be sinking some more time into Halo MCC when I get back. I've been getting back into it this past week.

    Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and then Alien Isolation in the Rift.
    Is anyone still playing Elite Dangerous BTW?

    Apotheon - This game is RAD AS FUCK. Seriously go and play it, it's ancient greek super metroid.

    Battlefield: Hardline Beta - As a long-time Battlefield fan (since 1942 way back in 2003) I've been really enjoying this one a lot more than BF3/BF4 as it's a bit faster and more like counter strike and bit more in the vein of Bad Company.

    Evolve - I'm still on the fence about this and have not pre-ordered, I'm not a big fan of MOBAs and I'm questioning just how much content there is in this game.

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D - I never played the original version on N64 as I was a PSone kid growing up, even though I specifically asked my parents to get me a N64 for Xmas the David Jones salesperson talked my mum into buying the PS1 as it used discs instead of cartridges and that was the future allegedly. Video games.

    The Order: 1886 - Another game that looks like it could be really frickin' awesome or a bit short and boring. Nonetheless I will be picking it up day one.

    Grim Fandango Remastered - I love Lucasarts games and never got to play this, I have spent the last week powering through and have been REALLY enjoying it.

    Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate - I dipped my toes in to MH3U and enjoyed what little I played, ever since I saw the banner ads on almost every train car in Tokyo last year I've been keen to try it out.

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      Just bought Apotheon on your recommendation :)

      Not sure how evolve is a Moba ? please explain ?

        It just seems to have that kind of dynamic except most MOBAs aren't first person. By technical definition Evolve is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in that you are set specific characters, confined maps and item/character strategy is key.

          in essence so do some older FPS games way before the age of Mobas, i always understood mobas having bases that need to be destroyed by each team. which evolve doesn't really have.

          Yes it's arena based but in essence so is call of duty, counter strike etc they're just less tacitcal based.

            That would make more sense! I'm still keen to give it a shot when it releases nonetheless, with so many other things coming out I think I am finding it tricky to build hype for Evolve.

              Yeah there seems to be a lot of story driven games coming out in the next few months-ish

              with witcher and 1886 I'm pretty much set, i've always been looking for a game to replace my former counterstrike source addiction though!

      Sweet I'll have to try Apotheon now. That was free on Ps plus. Also been playing a lot of the beta. Not sure on Evolve.

    I've been playing through the two games on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and will finish Birth By Sleep this week. Disgaea 4 has been running on my Vita all month and will do so for a few months yet. On 3DS I've been experimenting with different run types in Bravely Default but recently switched to Fire Emblem Advanced to keep me occupied till Majora's Mask comes out. My main gaming this month though is most likely going to be either Tales of Graces F or Suikoden... Oh wait, no it won't because everyone hates Australia and decided not to release Suikoden I on PSN for us... So I'll be deciding between TOG F and Suikoden II...

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    Bits and pieces of Destiny and GW2.
    I'm a new convert into tabletop gaming, so the wife and I play Pandemic quite a bit lately after the kids go to sleep. We're eyeing off Zombicide any day now.
    I also took the huge plunge to purchase Pathfinder ACG, which should arrive next week.

    I still haven't finished playing Rainbow Moon, Alien: Isolation's Ripley DLC etc. I shall play Transistor when my PS4 is returned.

    Lately, I've been focusing upon board games more.
    I'm going to start the campaign of Star Wars: Imperial Assault next week. A co-worker bought Dead of Winter, which I am really looking forward to, especially since I suggested somebody buy it. I've bought a lot of X-Wing miniatures 2nd hand from eBay.

      How far into Rainbow Moon are you? I've played just over 50 hours and am on the penultimate main quest. My Baldren is level 52. I'm hoping to get the platinum eventually but it is beginning to lose a little bit of its charm.

        Over 50 hours, I think. I had to take a break for awhile. I'm after the stage where you are allowed to hired a bigger boat and explorer the greater world.

      I'm playing Transistor at the moment (working on my Steam pile of shame since Xmas) and absolutely loving it. Probably going to be playing Bastion again once I'm done with that!

    I want to finish (just started) AC unity
    Dying light
    I play destiny at least twice a week :|
    gotta get back into dragon age
    and im sure there was a game i was planning on getting at the end of this month too?

    Regular Destiny raid group is currently in disarray, so I scrapped one of my warlocks and made a titan, who is now nearly 31. No raiding meant little peer pressure, so in the same boat. Except my newfound free time got filled with Minecraft. I'd like to play Grim Fandango, Life is Strange, Dying Light, SR4: Gat out of Hell, AC: Unity, Far Cry 4 and eventually DB: Xenoverse... but I know, realistically, it's not gonna happen anytime soon.

    I am currently reliving the glory of Metroid Prime 1-3.

    I think a little Majoras Mask may be on the cards too.

    Just bought watchdogs (wiiu) and black flag (ps4) from the ebgames sale. So those plus teslagrad, Zelda:minish cap and finishing mario galaxy 2

    Appart from that hopefully get around to some of my unfinished backlog games

    I'm playing "saving up for a gaming PC".

    Also plenty of Diablo 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Life is Strange, Gat out of Hell and Powerstar Golf!

    Is Kirby out soon? That, mm, mh4u, evolve.

    Also have to finish captain toad, echoes, and corruption.

    I also really badly want to play through Silent Hill Shattered Memories again. Goddamn that game is amazing.

      How are people playing evolve already, release isn't set until the 10th :/

    War thunder - PC
    Mad Dev Tycoon - PC
    Thief - PS4
    Walkingg dead season 2 - PS4
    Final fantasy 8 - Vita
    and when it's out The Order 1886

    I'm attempting to finish off some games before moving to something new...

    One of those is Ratchet & Clank 2 on the PS3, which I am not far away from, but in doing so will kinda make me need to play Ratchet & Clank 3 on PS3 straight after to finish off the trilogy.

    Hatsune Miku : Project Diva f 2nd is also being played, finding it harder than the original, I'm struggling with the goals I set myself in the game and after more than enough hours, might need to move on to something else to avoid too much burn out.

    Let's Fish Hooked On, this is something I was playing last year and I want to smash through the last 2 characters to free up space on the Vita.

    I really want to start both Grim Fandango, Apotheon, The Order and some random stuff like one of the Senran Kagura games and/or Farming Simulator on the Vita.

    Way too much on the backlog!

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      What are your Miku goals? Do you have the song club pass? There are about four new DLC songs that I reckon are pretty good. Roller Girl in particular is pretty hard (9 star extreme) but such awesome and touching lyrics. I also got the costume club pass to fiddle around with all the different costumes. Mikudayo module in particular is hilarious, especially with 'sexy' songs like The World is Mine, Look This Way Baby etc.

      Oh, and Let's Fish Hooked On! I started that a while back and got pretty frustrated with the mechanics. I just found it really hard to (a) attract fish in the first place, and (b) stop the line from breaking. It's still on my Vita but haven't touched it in a while.

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        I did buy the Song Club, but I wasn't going to spend $75 on costumes... :p

        The goals were based on how I preformed in the first one, I'm not an elite player with rhythm games, I tend to find I become abit dyslexic and hit the wrong button even though I know it's wrong, etc... silly mistakes and all that.

        Anyway, I persisted in the original and obtained Perfects on all Hard difficulties without any of the helper items and that was to be the goal again, but I've struggled with some of the songs on Normal (The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku & Doubleganger) are still not perfected, the latter I don't know why I can't it's not that bad, perhaps it's because I really like the song I am self sabotaging to hear it more... With some of the other songs taking over 10 attempts to nail a perfect run. I have heard that the regular difficult was increased and Hard isn't that much different save the additional 2 buttons options, so I may still get there yet...

        For Let's Fish, once you get used to it, the line will only really break on the super large fish when they become random and act all weird. The funny thing is that the game will give you a stack of lures for the challenges, but you only really use 1 or 2 of each type... Most of the fish patterns are the same, so you just have to find the 'populated' areas and it becomes pretty easy. I got when it was on sale for like $3-4, it's not a great game, but I have no regrets based on what I spent. HA!

    Given Destiny a rest. DriveClub is excellent. Got Alien Isolation and The Last of Us Remastered on my backlog. Also looking forward to freebies Apotheon and Transistor on PSN Plus.

    Finishing my nightmare playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and then I'll probably address some of the PS+ games I've been "getting" each month but not downloading and playing.

      The Swapper is an excellent puzzle game, also I've heard so is Apotheon.

    will probably spend a good amount of time on H1Z1, the Hardline Beta, and Final Fantasy XIV. I am looking for a nice game for my wife to watch as I play, we haven't had one of those in a while.

    The try and get someone to fix my internet game. Been a full week and still nothing

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