What Are You Playing This Weekend

I guess I should be playing new games like Dying Light, but here's what I am playing: old games. Old video games.

I wasn't going to play Grim Fandango. I played it back in the day, but I don't have this incredibly nostalgic relationshio with it. I hated the controls, I hated the inventory system and I think I got stuck about two thirds of the way through. This time I'm playing it, however, and I'm really enjoying the writing. I'm tolerating everything else. It's actually really, really good on the PlayStation Vita.

And, of course, I downloaded the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii U like any normal person would. This weekend is going to be Metroid Primed out. Metroid Prime is probably top 3 of all time for me. Such a colossal achievement. I can't way to replay it again.

What are you playing this weekend?


    PS4 - Just finished Telltale GoT Ep. 2 (loved it, but man some tense decisions!) and will probably give Transistor or Apotheon a whirl before settling in for some GTAV SP.

    PS3 - Almost finished the Old West part of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time... yee haw! That Carmelita sure is a fox :-)

    Vita - Having a go of Kick & Fennick which I'm finding pretty fun for an unknown game but will probably get me some more Miku Miku time as well.

    2DS - Kirby if I get time.

    Madden 15 - need to fill the next 7 months until the NFL season starts

    When you just lost your job, every day is a weekend ):

    Far Cry 4 on the PS4 and having another crack at Final Fantasy 6 on my PSP. Yes, I still play my PSP.

    Playing through Fire Emblem Awakening and doing a lets play with a few friends running through Dark Souls 1 & 2.

    GoT Episode 2 and Life is Strange Episode 1 this weekend!

    Dark Souls 2, almost near the end so may hit some Bastion after. Then Co-Op with a mate on Sunday! Just Cause 2 or Magicka most likely.

    Playing through The Ballad of Gay Tony, was really enjoying it but the helicopter mission is just too frustrating :/

    May rage quit and play some DOTA 2, or even pick up Grow Home.

    Trying to finish Wind Waker HD and starting Grim Fandango.
    Getting my HD Metroid on using Dolphin too. :)

    witcher 1 and 2, getting ready for the new season diablo III and DMC all day all night cant wait for definitive edition on ps4

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