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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D: The Kotaku Review

I am playing old games. Lots of old games. I'm playing Metroid Prime on my Wii U. I'm playing Grim Fandango on the PS Vita. I just got a download code o=for Majora's Mask on the 3DS. Is this 2015 or am I in the midst of a weird fever dream?

I'm also considering — talk me out of this — getting into Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS. I've heard reports that while it's a completely different game there is a similar 'can't stop playing' vibe to Dark Souls. I've played a little bit of Monster Hunter previously, and really enjoyed the weight and feel of it. There's a large part of me that thinks I could get into Monster Hunter in a very, very big way.

What else? I might start Captain Toad. I recently got a copy, and I think this firmly falls into the 'games I can play while my son is awake' category. That's very good news. I liked the Captain Toad puzzles in Super Mario 3D World so I don't see why I won't like this.


    I doing a playthrough of Fallout 3 with D&D dice. Have developed an interesting skillset and seen quite a bit of content I'd normally miss out on. Loving it.

    Throw in some Just Cause 2. What a brilliant sandbox.

    And I really should finish Life is Strange. Telltale can learn a lot about visual design from this game. However the start hasn't gripped me as much as I'd hoped. I shouldn't be surprised. It is only the first episode, after all.

    MM, MH, and giving Ironfall a go if that came out today (I'm a sucker for touch screen aiming in shooters).

    This weekend belongs to the 3ds.

    And also taking more themed photos of my amiibo (I can't stop now, it's becoming a problem).


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      I love the themed pics. Keep up the good work.

      Yeah, my Majora's Mask came yesterday in the mail. It's going down this week end.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition because I'm finally playing through it.
    Diablo 3 because the new season is starting.
    And also WoW as usual.

    I imagine I could very well lose the weekend to Besiege again.

    Failing that though, Monster Hunter might sink its hooks into me again, if I end up starting on that. Otherwise I still need to crack out Captain Toad too.

    Monster Hunter is pretty scary though. My first time with the series, it devoured my life. Cranked up 100 hours in the first two weeks, 60/40 split. I don't think I've ever done that with a game before, possibly Elite but that's about it.

      Oh man, 4 is so damned good! It's no use fighting it.


        The worst part is I kinda suck at the game :P

          All you need to see is this:



    I'll be playing Tales of Graces F mostly, with a side serving of Disgaea 4 and Majora's Mask.

    Finishing off Bastion, I think I've got about 1 hour to go (going to collect the final shard).

    After that, I'm going to hit up Darksiders!

      I just started playing this last night. Really enjoying it. How long is it?

        I've sunk 8 hours into it, but I didn't do all the weapon challenges so if you're a completionist I think you'd get about 10. Well, that's assuming I actually HAVE almost finished it, there could be a surprise waiting for me where there's actually a bunch more stuff to do! :)

        I love the narration and the art direction. And simple, intuitive controls are great. Easy to pick up.

    Even though @dc hasn't replied to me yet, I picked up The Vanishing of Ethan Carter thanks to others recommending it.


      BOOM! Now Mark can ban me for pimping my own stuff! :P

    I'm thinking either Gat out of Hell or Final Fantasy XIII-2. Can't quite decide yet.

    Started episode 2 of GoT last night (after beating my head against a problem where the game was telling me that season 2 was coming soon, even though I had downloaded and installed it from the PS Store a week earlier). Will hopefully finish that off this weekend.

    Mostly Life is Strange and Diablo 3.

    Maybe some GTAV and Power star Golf.

    It's NBA All Star Weekend and Valentine's Day...so that will be the majority of the weekend. However, One Finger Death Punch on my new Note 4 will get some action no doubt. Love that game.

    More Elite Dangerous no doubt... Picked up Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 so I'll be hitting those up as well... And then back to Elite... I think I have a problem


    Add me on 3DS if you like for Monster Hunter 4.

    Sunless Sea looks the goods, been watching streams of it and yeah, might grab that too.

      I haven't bothered to preorder Monster Hunter. If its available I may add you.

    Monster Hunter 4, Majora's Mask 3D and Evolve bitches.

    it would have been Majora but since I was silly enough to order it near work instead of home, I will play more Strange Journey

    Transistor, Thief, Yakuza 4 and Apotheon (no PS Vita). PS Plus has given out some good stuff this month.
    Valentine's Day will only mean I get an hour or two...so...Transistor i think.

      No PS Vita?! It is worth getting for Kick & Fennick alone!

    Thanks to Humble Bundle, alot of Star Wars. I've missed you, Kyle Katarn.

      Wait? Katarn? The one who defeated Jarek at the valley of the Jedi?

    More Elite Dangerous in the Oculus Rift for me, can't wait to check out the 1.1 update, otherwise waiting for Homeworld Remastered and The Order 1886 and the PS4 version of Dark Souls 2 to come out as well as Bloodborne which looks kinda fun.

    The post-Xmas drought seems to be slowly breaking nicely :-)

    My current single player game is Hyrule Warriors, but I'll probably get a few days of Monster Hunter 4U starting tomorrow. On the multiplayer front, still puttering about in Final Fantasy XIV, some rounds of World of Tanks and power levelling in Marvel Heroes.

    Besiege, and I'll be finishing off Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

    After defeating Queelaag on my second play through (and virtually avoiding most of The Depths and Blighttown in the process I'm now tossing up between either Sen's fortress or back to the undead asylum for the rusted iron ring

    Diablo 3 - want to get that platinum trophy! (My first one!) Also, it's a good way to keep me distracted until Bloodborne comes out.

    I might try and get back into AC:U. I got kind of bored but think if I gave it a solid couple of hours it might pick up. Otherwise staying away from shops so I don't buy Majora's Mask...

    I finally got my PS4 back and all my digital downloads have been reinstalled.

    I think I am over Rainbow Moon on PS3 - I thought I was going to persevere but it's lost its charm on me.

    I am going to focus on all the PS Plus games I've neglected but probably first Transistor, The Swapper and Infamous: First Light.

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