What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is upon us, time to abandon work like, whatevs it'll wait till Monday. Time to play video games. Unless you have something else to do, which is also totally fine. LIVE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE.

I'm actually going away for the next couple of days for a Buck's Weekend so video games probably won't be on the agenda for me. I'm going downhill mountain biking and possibly wakeboarding. I'm doing both for the very first time, so don't be surprised if I come back with my neck in a brace.

What are you all planning to do this weekend?


    Probably not The Order 1886 anymore. I'll see how i feel once I go to JB and am holding it in my hand...

      the scores its getting (65 on metacritic) doesn't mean its a bad game, i think its just there's no replay-ability. I'm still looking forward to give it a go. Hope the story is at least good

        some of the reviews have flat out said it's terrible though and what they've described sounds terrible.

          Which isn't to say no one will like it, at least for a while (There's always a niche with these games). But for the most part, I think most will be happy giving it a skip.

            That's true. Just trying to point out that some people have said it's a bad game. Some reviews have also said the story is rubbish too. I was really looking forward to this one, then it went to a buy when on sale, now it's more at an avoid as it seems all the elements I thought would make it at least enjoyable for me are poorly done.

        From what I've read around the internet it is a highly-polished, smooth-running, extremely pretty game that unfortunately average in a few places. Check the range of reviews on metacritic - the majority are more positive than negative. I'm going to play it and at least I won't go into it expecting another The Last of Us.

        Lack of replay-ability for that price is just another reason why I am going to hold my horses on making a purchase.

    I think I'll be playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I was about to go and order 4 for the 3DS when I realised a already had a copy of the old PSP game that I never played on my Vita. Now I don't know if it's worth "upgrading" to 4 as this is already scratching the itch nicely.

    Monster Hunter! Woo!

    Also, maybe some majora, and finishing some upgrades to my mk8 arcade rig.


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    Working all weekend, but will hopefully get some time for some board games Saturday night. Played the civilization board game last weekend... Brutal.

      I got a mates BBQ sunday and I'm bring my board games. Gonna try rope in some new people to play! Most likely get some betrayals happening in Resistance if nothing else.

    I actually don't know for once...

    It'll probably end up being Diablo 3. I've got Life is Strange there. I played the demo and loved it. Bought the game right away. Now I just need to be in the mood for that kind of game.

    Also, I got some puzzle game on steam called 4 Elements. It's pretty fun for some mindless gaming. Might play that too.

    I know i'm a bit late to be on this bandwagon - but The Last of Us, good lord I can put it down I've been up until 2am nightly :(

    I'll be playing Tales of Graces F for the most part, with some Frozen Synapse Prime on the side. I'm also trying to work up the motivation to play Majora's Mask but I don't want to force myself to play it when I'm not in the mood.

    should be able to knock over Zelda & get back into Strange Journey.

    Maybe some more rogue legacy

    The Order. Hoping it is like wolfenstein, cool story, cool action and nothing like the internet hate heading its way

      This... though I haven't played Wolfenstein either, which I think I need to change also...

      I'm still liking the premise of The Order, so I'm happy to jump in regardless of reviews.

      I read a comment (on Neogaf?) saying it was a lot like Wolfenstein: fairly short, cinematic, but solid and with a decent story.

      Except Wolfenstein received critical acclaim almost unanimously.

    Definitely The Order 1886. Picking up my collectors edition this morning.

    Probably be finishing Bayonetta 2. Then I might finally give this months PS+ freebies a crack. Apotheon looks right up my alley, and I've been hanging out to try Rogue Legacy for a while now. Transistor also looks good. Plenty of options for me this weekend.

      Rogue Legacy is amazing and incredibly addictive. You will enjoy I'm sure

    Just got Ocarina of Time for my 3DS. So probably be playing that while watching the cyclone roll past.

      Good luck. With the cyclone, I mean. And also the water temple.

        Thanks. So far so good, on the weather and the dungeons.

    I've recently gotten into the Grim Dawn Early Access on Steam.

    I normally don't go for Early Access games, since they are either so broken they're not fun or they can end up unfinished. But the dev's for GD are quite active with the community so I was convinced they were legit. Plus the review for the game (even unfinished) were quite glowing. So i took the plunge.

    Man, I've been a fan of Diablo for ages - I also have Torchlight on Steam - but GD is definitely a much better game in my opinion.

    So that's what I'll be smashing up this weekend most likely,

    I'll be playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse till I get what I need from it, then switching to Evolve.

      How are you playing DB Xeno so early? Also, is it any good?

        I'm playing it early because of reasons. I'm not allowed to say anything about it till after the 25th.


    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition while at work.

    The Order: 1886 while at home.

    With the cyclone cruising down the coast possible a lot LOL not much else I can do.

    Might finish Remember Me on my 360 and start Shadow Of Mordor on my X1.

    I'm playing Get My Shit Packed Before Leaving On 2 Weeks Holiday On Monday Morning.

    That's the HD remaster, of course.

      Not going to QLD I hope!

        Singapore and Thailand. Not sure if the flight will go through any of that, although hopefully by Monday it will have cleared itself up anyway.

    I was possibly going to pick The Order:1886 up from Dick Smith but not anymore! Probably going to try and do some more AC:U if it can keep from crashing very 5 minutes. Otherwise probably some Nuclear Throne and Lords of the Falllen which I picked up for Xbone cheap the other day.

    don bradmans cricket on xbox one

      whats it like?

        pretty fun. still pretty bare bones career mode(players don't retire/move clubs/recruits don't join), but the basics and good and fun and the latest patch is far better than what it was on 360/ps3 when I last played.

    Continue to play Thief, Shantae and maybe look at 3d modeling.

    Majora's Mask, Halo 3, and, if it has come out, the new Kirby game.

    EDIT: Also Crossy Road. F****** Crossy Road. Probably just that.

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      Best list of games on the post so far

      Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush isn't out in Aus for about another 6 months, unfortunately.

      We don't even have an exact date.

        Cheers for that. Just saw the review on *ahem* IGN earlier and thought it might have been a cheeky weekend treat but alas.

    I don't have a PS4, so I won't be getting The Order just yet. Instead, I'll jump back two generations and continue playing Dragon Quest VIII! Man, I forgot how sad Trodain Castle made me feel.

    If I can figure out why my xbone keeps saying I don't have a wireless network setup but won't let me enter the password, probably more destiny. Otherwise I'm running with the freedom and will go buy some new socks

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