What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm still playing old games. I'm playing Grim Fandango and Majora's Mask to be specific. On handhelds. I'm actually have a lot of fun with both. What are you playing this weekend?

Interestingly, I'm playing both of these games on handheld, which I'm really loving. Playing on handhelds just feels different to me. It feels more accessible, feels cleaner, feels like less commitment is required. There's something different about sitting on a couch and saying 'okay, time to play video games'. When you play a handheld there's that feeling you could walk away at any time. I love that.

Anyway: it's Majora's Mask and Grim Fandango for me, and I suspect it'll stay that way until Bloodborne comes out.


    Forced to go camping. Will smuggle handhelds along :-(

      Do tell! How many and what types? Are you going for the stealth approach of the Vita slim, or the out-and-proud New 3DS XL?

        I only own the original of both.

        So one vita fat & an old 3DS

    Mark you sound like a gaming father, need games that don't require a lot of time specific investment. Pick up and put down and feel like you can achieve something in 5 minutes or in an hour. It's why Trials has stuck around for me for so long.

    As for this weekend, Really going to put some time into Way of the Machine platinum on Trials Fusion and the latest plats on the DLC and to check out Grow Home. Grabbed it yesterday so keep to fire that up.

    I think I'm either going to buy Elite Dangerous or the Star Citizen Alpha. Not sure which though. I really dislike early access and/or paying for pre-published media. This should suggest I would buy Elite Dangerous, but from what I've heard Elite has only been released 'in name' only and is essentially in a beta state anyway.

    Can anyone here testify?

      elite dangerous will give u 50 hours of fun

      star citizen if u can get past the broken buggy alpha well it will give you a couple of hours maybe more

    Been getting a few old NES & SNES games on the Wii U of late. Going to try and complete the 1st world of the Wonder Boy clone - Adventure Island.
    Old games are brutal.

    Probably some DBZ - Xenoverse and Dying light with some mates as i waited for the physical release, hoping it's good!

    Might replay first ep of Dreamfall Chapters, so I'm refreshed for ep 2 on March 10. There's a rumour Netflix might launch on Sunday. If that happens? HOUSE OF CARDS!

    The most recent Wolfenstein

      Such a damn good game. Enjoy it

        I really didn't rate it that much, it's very solid but just didn't enjoy it all that much haha might have to re visit it seeing as everyone is saying it's amazing

        Yep, for a shooter I'm surprisingly intrigued by the story so far.

    Alan Wake on PC, just about finished the main story I think, then I'll tackle the special episodes. Also just started playing Bravely Default. My goodness it's fantastic, and I haven't even gotten to the 2nd boss battle yet. I really wasn't sure when I picked it up but I am 100% sold on it.

    I'll probably end up playing some Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze while my son watches too. Dad gaming ftw.

    "Oscura: Lost Light" on Steam

    PS4 - Driveclub (level 42 and about 60% through the tour stars) and GTAV (The Order if it comes in the post today)

    PS3 - Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

    Vita - Rainbow Moon, Kick & Fennick

    N3DSXL - Bravely Default (and some Kirby on the 2DS if the kids play it).

    If I have time, I might go for a NG+ of Tales of Xillia. Or start Xillia 2, or continue Symphonia collection...I think I have a Tales series problem.

      I used to play the original Tales of Phantasia and loved the side scrolling combat, are the new ones any good ?

        I'd say yes they are, go for it!

        Others might disagree...

        I'd say try Tales of Vesperia (if you can find a copy... I think it is on Xbox Live, though) on Xbox 360, or Tales of Xillia on PS3. Then, if you like what you're playing, you can hunt around for the others.

          Hmmm that could be an issue :( i only have Wii U, Xbone, ps4 and 3ds haha nooooooo :(

            You could try and find a copy of Tales of the Abyss 3D for 3DS!

            It's a port of the PS2 game.

            Last edited 27/02/15 9:21 pm

      Not the only one!

      I'm thinking: Hmmmm, do I finish ToX2, ToS:DotNW or ToHR.

      Also tempted to replay ToGf or TotA.

      No... Finish the others, first.

    Hmm continuing latest Civ 5 (Now with BNW, thanks steam sales). Probably a little L4D as well.
    Also the usual fortnightly LAN get together for Battlefield.

    While I have absolutely no-ones attention, I was considering the serious lack of RPG's on the PS3. Does anyone have any suggestions, beyond Disgaea, FF13, Valkyria (already have them)?
    I should probably get a copy of Ni No Kuni, it's supposed to be radical, right?
    It still surprises (and disappoints) that there are so few RPG's on the PS3, after the veritable bucketload on the PS2. PS2 really was RPG gaming heaven....

      Ni No Kuni is awesome. You can cheese some of it but it's well worth the time

        Thanks for the reply champ, I'm just reading up on it now, but yeah I recall many people going on about how great it was, so I've just ordered a copy :)
        Should be in my grubby little hands early next week.

      Ni No Kuni is great. The only other ones I can think of are the Tales games and Kingdom Hearts HD 1/2. There was Star Ocean IV back in the day and probably some others that have faded from memory, like Folklore.

        Yeah I have played all the Tales games up to ps2 era, already played KH 1/2 on ps2 as well, good games, but I don't think worthy of a re-purchase.
        Tales games are good, but I find the combat in them to be a bit too action oriented for my tastes, I guess i'm old school in that I prefer turn based, hence only got disgaea, valkyria and ffx13 for ps3.
        While I prefer turn based, i'm prepared to for-go it for a change.
        The art style in Ni No looks quite similar to the Tales games too, ie cartoony/anime-ish, good stuff.
        Last Oceans I played was 3 on the ps2, it was a good game for sure, but again action rpg.
        IMO if I want to play a fighting game, i'll play a fighting game. I prefer turn based for the relaxing nature of battles without "press press press, click quarter turn, press"
        .. but like I said, heard some really great things about Ni No so i'll give it a crack, only $30 brand new these days

      Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia 1 & 2, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Eternal Sonata, Ni No Kuni...

      Then there's other stuff like the Atelier games, Hyperdimension Neptunia games, The Guided Fate Paradox, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Mugen Souls, and probably other stuff, too.

        Good list for me to check out, cheers Mr Raven

        Care to elaborate on Resonance and Sonata? Haven't really heard about them, though the name of one rings a bell as being 'very hard' or something...

        Last edited 27/02/15 2:54 pm

          Unfortunately, I haven't actually played either... Despite owning one, and I do plan to buy the other.

          I can tell you Resonance of Fate was developed by tri-Ace, of Star Ocean fame. They were just purchased by a mobile company too... doomed to forever more create smart phone games. It would be the difficult one, it has quite a complex and challenging battle system from my understanding.

          Eternal Sonata was developed by tri-Crescendo, who worked with tri-Ace on a lot of games, they were responsible for the sound. You are inside Polish composer Frédéric Chopin's dreams, and can play as him... doesn't that sound, uh, cool?

          Anyway, I suggest checking out reviews. Good luck!

    playing ac:black flag and dbc14 at the moment.

    Saturday is gone but hoping to get some Demon Souls in on Sunday in preparation for Bloodborne

    MMX - nearing the end game I think
    Majora's mask - incredible handheld goodness, such a nostalgia trip too.
    Hearthstone for dailies of course.

    Probably play some Homeworld. A bit of Hand of Fate and Armello will likely crop up. If I'm lucky some Kerbal. Reality will probably be spreadsheets.

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