What's Your Rarest Steam Achievement?

What's Your Rarest Steam Achievement?

Achievements are gaming's version of badges of honour. And only the most elite of players earn certain achievements.

Steam has a feature where, anyone who has reached level 10 can go to their profile, and select an "Achievement Showcase" that displays their rarest achievements. Using this, players can easily tell what percentage of people have earned an elusive achievement. Recently, folks on r/Steam started sharing what their most exceptional Steam achievements are, and I thought they were worth sharing. Here are some of the rarest Steam achievements that people own:

Goat Simulator: "An Unnecessary Journey: Throw the dwarf Bilbo into the lava." Percentage of players who own it: 0.6%.

Alien Isolation: "One Shot: complete the game without dying." Percentage of players who own it: 0.37%.

VVVVV: "Less than 50 deaths." Percentage of players who own it: 0.5%.

Civilisation V: "Discoverer: Playing as Italy in Scramble for Africa, earn the VP for finding two Natural Wonders." Percentage of players who own it: 0.2%. Funnily enough, Civ v has a TON of rare achievements, because most people never play scenarios.

Europa Universalis 4: "Lion of the North: Start as Sweden and lead the Protestant League to victory against the Emperor." Percentage of players who own it: 0.1%.

Endless Space: "Don't even think about it: Create a custom faction with -195 points or less, and win a game with it on Endless difficulty." Percentage of players who own it: 0.2%.

Crusader Kings 2: "Seven Centuries: Play a game all the way through from 769 to 1453." Percentage of players who own it: 0.08%.

Nidhogg: "Trapped in Donkeyspace: play a match lasting longer than 20 minutes." Percentage of players who own it: .34%

Stanley Parable: "Go Outside: Don't play The Stanley Parable for Five Years." Percentage of players who own this achievement: 6.9%. Incidentally, the game has only been out on Steam for a little over two years. Dun dun dun!

Batman: Arkham Origins: "I Am The Night: Completed the game on New Game Plus without dying." Percentage of players who own it: 0.75%.

Super Hexagon: "Hexagon: Complete the Hyper Hexagonest stage, and witness the end." Percentage of players who own it: 3.0%

Dark Souls II: "The Dark Soul: Earn all achievements." Percentage of players who own it: 1.9%

What about you, what are some of the rarest Steam achievements you own? Let us know in the comments, using the same format as above: Game: "The name of the achievement, and what you have to do to get it." Percentage of players who own it: %." Anecdotes welcome!


    Mine is the 'Socializer' achievement for Torchlight II, apparently. I'm not sure what was involved with it and I don't know how I got it, might be something as dumb as being friends on Steam with >10 people that have the game, but only 2% have it apparently.

    Best of the rare ones I have is 'Totally Fact Up' in Ys Origin. Playing with Hugo Fact, there's a sequence toward the end of the game where you get stupidly powerful and then fight a boss that you can one-hit kill. Achievement is for dying on the boss. :P

      Heh, mine is also from Torchlight 2! Cartophile - use 100 maps. Apparently only 0.33% of people have it!

    That tf2 carnival of carnage bumper cart one. Got it legit too.
    Unlike other people......

    Sleeping Dogs: “Goodie Monster: Find all the Evidence Collectibles.” Percentage of players who own it: 1.0%

    My other ones are for more obscure games that I've hardly played, where as with Sleeping Dogs I've put in 52 hrs.

      Sleeping Dogs is one of only two games I have a 100% achievement clear on. It was such a good game, I've been back and replayed it 3 or 4 times and I love it every time.

        Yeah I still fire it up and mess around in it.

        I'm not one for collecting achievements, so if I get one then cool, but I'm not out hunting for them.

    Defcon: "Lone Warrior" (win a 6 player MP game without ever being in an alliance) - 0.78% of players

    Spelunky: Low Scorer (0.7%).
    Complete the game without getting any treasure. No shortcuts.

    This one is a hell of a grind. Spelunky is a somewhat tricky game to begin with and I decided to get so deep into it that I have all achievements. I've even tried my hand at speed runs, score runs and novelty runs in this game.

    Anyhow, Low Scorer is generally considered one of the harder achievements in Spelunky. It turns a hard game where anything can kill you into a super hard game where picking up any gold can kill you. You have to steal from shopkeepers if you want any items, which means that there will be one guarding the exit of each level for the rest of the game.

    This one took more than a few tries and there was one where I was fighting Olmec (the boss) and one of the bombs I used caused a small chunk of gold to fly into me. Literally the last possible chance to get gold and I somehow managed to do it.

    Another fun achievement from this game is Good Teamwork (0.8% of players have it). To get it, you have to complete a co-op game with both players alive. By itself, not too difficult. The fun part comes from there being no official online co-op. If you don't know someone else who's okay at this game, you have to play both characters yourself.

    I played both characters myself.

    It's less impressive than it sounds. You can kill one character off and revive them just before the boss fight. Still tricky though.

      Yeah, fuck that. I gave up in frustration trying to get the *high* scoring one.

        That one is pretty easy if you can get a jetpack and a mattock/a couple of bomb boxes. Once you spend more than 2min 30sec in a level, the ghost spawns. When she passes over gems, they turn into diamonds worth $5k. Each area of the game has a vault full of gems. Once they're ghosted they're worth $60k-120k.

        Ghosting a level (turning all gems into diamonds) can produce around $100k on average as well.

        Then again, there are people who speed run the achievement by taking a shitload of bombs to the City of Gold and destroying Yama's throne. Speedrunners make this game look silly.

        Last edited 18/02/15 1:51 pm

          See, I know this. But so many times I had it all there before me and just had to go through the motions, only to get cornered stupidly by the ghost, or piss off a shop-keeper despite being nowhere near him, or... you get the idea. I was getting angry, rather than enjoying it, and that's when I decided that my time was done.

            Fair enough.

            I think the trick with going for Big Money is to know when to cut your losses. $500k really isn't that much. Being greedy is only really necessary when you're going for $2m+ scores.

            Pissing off the shop keeper is pretty mandatory though. Learning how to consistently rob them and then deal with them at the end of levels will go a long way to making the whole ordeal less frustrating.

    My two toughest that map to Steam were probably Super Meat Boy's "I am a golden god" and Dark Souls' "The Dark Soul". No idea of percentages, partly because I actually got those achievements on 360 :P

    Also, I think the platinum trophy for Velocity 2X I obtained on vita has something like 0.1% - but that's skewed because it was a freebie on Playstation Plus (also not available on Steam anyway).

    Last edited 18/02/15 1:49 pm

    Bioshock Infinite "Scavenger Hunt" achievement for finishing 1999 Mode without purchasing anything from Dollar-Bill stations. 1.2% of players. That was a tough one!

    Met one of the devs who programmed the final zeppelin battle and told him I did it on 1999 and he didn't believe me at first! Mainly because he said it was full of bugs.

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    Civ 5: King of the Mountain - Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Pachacuti. 2% of people. Pffft I was hoping for something better...

    MIne is for XCOM - Enemy Unknown : An Army Of Four - Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade (Classic+ difficulty)

    Mine would have to be Legendary War Mage on Orcs Must Die! Apparently 2% have this achievement

    Heh this one's easy.

    Secret of the Magic Crystal: End Game (0.78%)

    Real Platinum God on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, at 1.7%

      Oh god.... How many hours did that take? I'm working towards it on PS4 but its completely bugged and trophies aren't always registering. There's meant to be a patch for EU territories to fix it but it's on hold or something silly and no idea when it will be released.

        @Nick Nicely done sir
        @waldofoo It took me around 180 hours to get Platinum God on the original BoI, havent dared pick up Rebirth yet...............

        It took me ~120 to 130 hours (roughly half of my playtime was offline and I have 60 ish hours logged on Steam). Also, it took me something ridiculous like 250 hours to get the platinum in the original, after having played on and off for a year before trying to finish it

    I have a holy shit rarest of rare achievements :P

    Monday Night Combat
    Uber Streak
    0.06% of players have it :3

    My god did I love that game

    2 other notables I have from the same game that I have are

    Keep 'em down
    0.32% of players have it

    0.64% of players have it

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    Civ 5: Radio Free Europe - Adopt the Freedom Ideology and fill 10 Broadcast Towers with Great Works.
    0.43% of people. Seems like a relatively straightforward one but I guess people haven't been bothered...

    Dark Souls: The Dark Soul, apparently only 0.53% of people. I'm feeling pretty good about now.

    Never got into Achievement hunting except Left 4 Dead.

    Nothing Special was my victory moment (2.4% people). All 4 survivors must last the entire campaign without taking damage from special infected, and Tanks and Witches are counted as SI.

    It took a lot of coordination and good teamwork to sort this achievement! When I got it it was under 1% of people who had it.

    I don't know about rare but the biggest pain in the ass was the Little Rocket man Gnome achievement in Half Life 2. I think that one broke my desire for achievement hunting,

      Did you cart him all the way there, then continue expecting to get it at the end of the game, then overwrite all your saves, only to find that you were meant to shut the fricking door? Yeah... me either...

    probably bioshock Infinite: scavenger hunt - 1999 mode, no vending machines (1.2%), and taffer's delight - episode 2 dlc, 1998 mode (0.5%)

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    It would be nice if there was an easy way to find this out.... anyone got a system?

      You can edit your steam profile and include an achievement showcase ranked by rarest.
      If you aren't level 10 yet you can get an idea here http://astats.astats.nl/astats/ if you enter your username (Will need a public profile)
      That will tell you your rarest, then you just need to check steam for the steam % of users

    My rarest achievements are pretty much all puzzle pirates achievements
    Army of darkness 0.00%
    Heavyweight of strikes 0.01%
    Sublime rigger 0.02%

    Underdog - Puzzle quest 2 0.2%
    Swamp Challenge: Gold - Reus 0.4%

    Which reminds me, I really should get the rest of those reus challenge achievements

    Last edited 18/02/15 2:23 pm

      I really wanted to like Reus more than I did. I might give it another try sometime though.

        It really is designed for multiple playthroughs. You need to get achievements to unlock the things you need to get more achievements which unlocks.......
        Also if you do give it another go remember that the pause button is your friend. You can issue commands to all your giants while paused and then they can all trundle off and do those

    I think my most impressive Steam achievement is probably never having looked at my Steam achievements. I don't think I'd even know where to look.

    Civ V:
    All 1%

    What's Yours is Mine
    Wanna Be the King of the Zulus
    Master of the Universe
    In Hoc Signo Vinces
    Tablet Tech Pioneer

    (Yep, I played a l lot of Civ)

    Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II
    Allies to the cause .93%

    From the Co-op campaign, I guess no one played it lol.

      All the DoW2 achievements are really rare because everyone finished playing the game before achievements were patched in with the removal of GFWL.

      My rarest of those at 0.17% is Purist: Complete a mission on the Space Hulk with 4 Terminators in Chaos Rising.

      Outside of DoW2 my rarest is for Endless Space. 0.38% The Way Of Harmony: As Amoeba, win a game without building any ships containing weapons. This is in a 4X game where you generally build ships and destroy enemy civilizations.

    Mine would have to be Mount & Blade: Warband - Manifest Destiny with 0.65%

      Nice, I've played a lot of M&B but never finished a game.

    Fire vs. Magic: Kill a wizard tower using a bomb wagon. (0.9%)

    Not very spectacular. :S

    Also Goat Simulator: Tony Goat - Finish all Manual tasks (3%)

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