Wyatt Cenac's Hilarious Theory About Mario And Princess Peach 

Wyatt Cenac's Hilarious Theory About Mario and Princess Peach

"Luigi is a man who lives in fear of constant Bowser attacks... I think his fears are misplaced." If anybody should be afraid in comedian Wyatt Cenac's weird version of the Mario universe, it's Princess Peach.

In the debut episode of The A.V. Club's new game show Pick A Choice, the Daily Show alum spins a pretty bizarre theory about the exact nature of Mario and Peach's "romantic relationship". Cenac starts riffing on his Mushroom Kingdom conspiracy at about 2:57. Once you hear the whole thing, you'll never look at Mario the same way again.


    Fascinated with his idea of a 'super reality'. Imagine it.

    Wyatt Cenac is a goddamned gift. I listened to him guest on one of my favourite podcasts and I spent a good part of my train ride in tears.

      Just copy and paste that whole exact comment here.

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