You Can (And Should) Play 'Epic Sax' In Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is out in the wild. Now it's time to remember that the game basically has a fully functioning instrument you can totally learn to play. Why not practice by playing some Epic Sax?

The game has only been out for a couple of days, but already people are starting to transcribe existing music so that it's easily playable using the horns whilst playing as Deku Link in Majora's Mask. My favourite so far is Epic Sax, ala that Epic Sax Guy meme that did the rounds a few years back.

This smart chap on Reddit worked out how to play it:

(holding Down-D) X, X XX Y X, X, X XX Y X, X, A X Y (no more Down-D) R+up-D, L+up-D, L+up-D, R, R+up-D, L+up+D

It sounds a little something like this:

I stumbled across this when looking through this pretty mighty thread topic of folks posting all the songs they've worked out how to play in Majora's Mask. It's a pretty sizeable list so far and contains stuff like the Scooby Doo theme, Smoke on the Water and Old McDonald Had A Farm.

As soon as I get this bloody instrument in the game I'm just going to cancel my life and transcribe the Ghostbusters theme song.


    aaaah yessss. time to change this back to my ringtone.

    Lol, I love that dude. Moldova in general can always be counted on for a suitably insane Eurovision entry. Can't believe Australia is part of it this year....

      Those crazy ex Romanians and their craziness. The moment I saw the title of this post the song got stuck in my head...

    How to beat Legend of Zelda Majora's mask.

    1. load up the game.
    2. see the fairy, rejoin the fairy, go to observatory, get the moons tear, get the land deed, wait until day 3.
    3. Go inside the clock tower once it opens. Shoot a bubble at skull kid. Grab ocarina.
    4. Pull out your pipes and bust out the epic sax for as long as possible.
    5. Congrats. You've beat the game. Everyone in Termina died happy hearing the epic sax.

    The original song it's from (which actually sounds pretty damn cool IMO):

    Also has a nice violin bit.

      Lol, I bought this song right after Eurovision offa itunes.

      I remember my mind was almost immediately blown at the Eurovision showing, where instantly at the start, the guy with the mullet hawk emerges from smoke on a spinning platform, playing the neon violin.

        It truly was epic! And a song I genuinely like having on replay.

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