You Can Now Watch Ronda Rousey Playing World Of Warcraft

The UFC's embedded series is great. Typically it follows fighters in the week before their fight, watching them get prepared, diet, cut weight and do whatever they tend to do in their down time. With guys like, say, Donald Cerrone, you get to watch him Wakeboard, skydive and do all sorts of extreme stuff. With UFC women's champ Ronda Rousey? You pretty much get to watch her play World of Warcraft.

Which is totally fine by me.

Ronda already admitted to her love of World of Warcraft in a previous interview, but there's something hilarious about the fact that a camera crew came to her house to film and instead of doing something 'badass' for the cameras she decided to sit down in her jogging pants and play World of Warcraft. I think that's kinda amazing.

Ronda fights this weekend, defending her Women's Bantamweight Belt. She hasn't even come close to losing since starting mixed martial arts and there's little reason to suspect that this fight will be any different. I suspect she'll be in her hotel room with her BLood Elf roughly 10 minutes after the start of the fight.


    She hasn't even come close to winning? Lawl. She would armbar you in a heartbeat Mark.

    Hahaha, everyone is training hard, being really focused. Ronda is just all about levelling dat Hunter hahaha. Also wasn't she playing a Night Elf @markserrels?

    I think Rousey is awesome Mark but one can't underestimate Zingano, I think submission is off the cards, we'll see the championship rounds and ultimately it will come down to decision. Rousey for the win

    Ah my perfect woman (Ronda) - one day we will get married and I will be happy to be the first man to have her babies :P

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