Your Games Have More Replay Value Than You Think

Your Games Have More Replay Value Than You Think

Just when you think you're done with a game, along comes something that shows you're far from done: you just need to step outside your comfort zone.

Scenario Generator is a tool that works for multiple games, from strategy titles to Dark Souls, by giving you a specific set of challenges or situations.

For example, here's Civ V's:

Your Games Have More Replay Value Than You Think

Pretty cool, no? I went through a big Civ V phase last year, but got worn out by around September. Now that I look back on it, though, I'd largely been playing the same kind of games on the same kind of maps. Seeing something like this reminds me how much more game there is to try that I just continually glossed over.

If you're not happy with what you've been given, you can just re-roll: it's doing this randomly, not through any kind of specific curation, so you can just keep clicking until you get a setup that looks good.

It's such a weird thing, no? You already play these games, and the power to mix stuff around is already there. Those Civ options are available for everyone, every time you play it. But as the very existence of this generator shows, whether through laziness or a lack of imagination we rarely make the most of those choices.

Maybe all we need sometimes is for someone to give us a little push.


    Never played Civ V, I don't understand :-/

      CiV is a bad example TBH, I doubt anyone who likes CiV played one game as Rome against stupid AI in a three hour session and said "yeah I beat Civ, what's next".

      I guess the point is you can play any game by setting conditions on yourself. Maybe I want to replay Call of Duty 4 on Hardcore using only pistols. It's a way to add replay value but that's not really what people mean when they say replay value, is it?

        Yeah, I was just playing dummy to make a point

        (*self respect?)

      I've only played two games of civ5, and I've 35 hours logged on steam. That's the kind of game civ5 is.

    I've played Civ5 for 35 hours and haven't finished a single match, that's also thd kind of game Civ5 is :-)

    Civ5 is a bad example of a game with "less replay value" a game like Shelter would be a good example of less replay value, its short, its linear, and is not different between play through.

    (im not saying shelter is a bad game by any means)

    Hyrule Warriors. More DLC and they keep raising the Level Cap. I only have one character over level 100 and it's about to be raised to 250.

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