Zoombinis Could Get A Modern Rework

Zoombinis Could Get A Modern Rework

Briefly: The edutainment classic and staple of many childhoods Zoombinis could get a modern rework, if this Kickstarter has anything to do with it. Help making learning (by solving pizza-based puzzles) fun again!


  • Wooooo! Zoombinis!

    I was like the only kid in class who could figure out how to do the pizza. Everybody else just kept doing random toppings until they died.

  • Still have it around somewhere, best game ever.

    After looking properly at the Kickstarter, it’s a little sad to see some of the changes in the art style but I get that the old style probably wouldn’t go down too well these days. The updated version looks a lot more like a modern tablet game (which is what they’re aiming for).
    The Pizza Trolls and the Fleens still look great anyway.

  • Boy. This game. I still remember the puzzle trying to get them all across the river. Broderbund sure knew how to make a good educational game (along with the Magic Schoolbus and Carmen Santiego people).

  • Absolute sucker for these games as a kid.
    I would love to have more games like this (Gizmos and Gadgets, Zoombini’s 2, the Incredible machine and other edu-puzzlers) getting the same treatment – developed in Unity so that they can be enjoyed all over again in better detail (and maybe even add some additional content).

  • Hell yes!
    I’m normally very careful and skeptical about Kickstarter these days, but with this I immediately threw money at my screen …Then went and backed through the actual website. I suppose I should read the details at some point. Why does this excite me so much?

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