15 Tips For Complete Bloodborne Beginners

Despite being a Souls veteran, I'm finding some sections of Bloodborne pretty difficult. I can't imagine what it must be like for the large section of the population for whom Bloodborne is their first From Software game. A complete Souls newbie and need some tips? This video might be right up your alley.

The title of the video is "How Not To Die In Bloodborne'. That's a bit of a misnomer: you will die in Bloodborne. That's just an unavoidable fact. This video may help you die a little bit less, but that's most likely as good as it gets.

Regardless, this video is still pretty entertaining and helpful. Especially worth watching if you're among those playing this 'series' for the first time.

Good luck friends!


    Someone should forward this to IGN's Dan Stapleton.

      That guys doesn't deserve the flak he's copping though. He's been quite reasonable about explaining why these games don't appeal to him and let's face it there are quite a few gamers out there who probably agree with him, I'm not one of them but hey different stripes and all that...

        Well, let me say that I was just joking and I do feel that he has every right to not like the game, as everyone does. Furthermore, the game is unforgiving in nature to start with.

        But, to say that it's the games fault because it's not designed to be like other games you like is taking it a little far. Especially when his gripes are with the things like: objectives being too vague, health packs not returning to your inventory if you use them and die, the game taking to long to re-do when you die because he hadn't found the short cuts, etc.

        I think the flack he's getting is because he didn't just not like the game, he 'blamed' the game for not being more like games he does like. It's a conflict of interests, especially when the site hasn't even finished reviewing the game yet.

        Anyway, as I say, I was just joking around.

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          Yeah it's ok I just feel a bit sorry for him. And what is up with that review in progress crap? At the very least do what Forbes has done and do a review then get a noob to do a review in progress type of thing.

            Well, it's not the first time that Dan has typed something 'unprofessional'. Perhaps a little harsh, I know, but when you look at his past comments to Angry Joe, or ones about Bayonetta being too "Japanese" it's not hard to see why people are saying 'enough is enough'. And that's also fair enough.

            As I say he is entitled to his opinion, but people are also allowed to feel that he no longer represents their demographic, as games like Bloodborne etc. no longer represent his.

            As far as the review... I also hate reviews in progress and wish that sites could figure out a better way of letting us know how games with 'online' focused elements do post launch, while still offering up an initial review. I do however think it is better than not having review until they are 100% ready. It's supposed to help another 'Battlefield 4' situation from happening, where the game doesn't work but still gets glowing reviews. But lets face it... reviewers still don't talk about bugs and issues. (Par a few cases like LBP3 for some odd reason?)

            I also think that Bloodborne has a 'review in progress' because after the embargo lifted they have put in around 40 hours and are still not finished with the story (At least that's what they have said in the review in progress).

            I checked. Their review copy arived quite late.
            I’m just shy of 60 hours now, and finally see the blinding light at the end of the main-story tunnel

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          He did raise a very valid point about the lack of map though.

          Why the hell isn't there an in-game map in a game like Bloodborne?

            There isn't one in any Souls title, unless I'm mistaken. You LEARN the area. Again, having a map is a preference thing, the lack of a map doesn't automatic make the game bad, just different. I think it's quite sad that people cant see that and feel a need to shun a game because it isn't hand holdy enough. Don't like it? Fine, it's expected. But why blame it for not being something it's not?

            Edits for structure. It's pre-coffee time here.

            And: He actually said it 'disrespects' his time spent by not giving him back supplies he used before dying. Many games, especially old school games, hard games and RPJ like games do that. How could he have gone into Bloodborne expecting a casual experience?!

            Again, sorry if I sound harsh. Let the coffee kick in.

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              Providing an in-game map isn't hand holding.

                In some games, like a Souls game it is hand holding. The game world, bosses and even story progression is a puzzle. It's like half Life etc. does that have an in-game map? You have to explore the game world and learn to get better. You make a map in your mind as you progress, complete with loot locations, short cuts and enemy spawns.

                Once you have explored an area there aren't even that many branches to confuse you. The areas are generally well planned out to seem complex but actually be simple. What point is a map if you have found the short cuts and know where you are going? If it bothers players that much, there's no shame in finding a guide/ map or getting directions on-line.

                At the end of the day, it's the developers decision and I wouldn't force them to include something they don't want.

                If you do not like it, or If you would like a casual experience where you can sit down and walk towards your objective, always knowing where to go and how to get there, that is OK. I like that sometimes too, but I don't criticise games for asking more of me.

                Edit: Look, I originally posted just to make a joke. I have said that I in no way feel that Dan cannot have an opinion. I just made a joke to fool around. I really didn't try to make a statement on game design or discuss the relevance of maps etc in this type of game vs. others.

                I believe that there are different types of games and experiences and that it's GREAT if some dare to offer different things and are not all the same. If someone doesn't like a game, there are plenty others that do what that game doesn't. Why demand that every game is exactly like the others that we like? If it's not our type of game, just move on.

                Can we just leave it at that?

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                  Again, I'm not saying the game must be with me every step of the way, always telling me where to go, how to get there and providing objective markers to make sure I know what I'm doing and where I'm going. I am NOT saying that.

                  I'm just saying, provide a map. You know, so you can press start or something to see where you are in the game world at any given time, if for no other reason than to get your bearings. Nothing more than an image with a "you are here" arrow on it.

                Hi, I updated my last post see that. If you want to get your bearings you can find a land mark. Like in real life. There are plenty in Souls games.

                There is no point to having a map in a Souls game because you need to explore to find out what to do. By that time you would have learned the map anyway, so even having a map draw in as you progress would be useless.

                Souls games require you to invest time in them so that you don't DIE from misdirection. More importantly, you also need to explore to progress in the story and game world. It's one of the puzzles that makes them great games.

                Do you need to have a set of blueprints at hand when you move into a new home, or have a map a week later? No. It's part of the experience. If that's not your thing, that's fine (Edit: I want to stress this. You are allowed to not like it). Play something else.

                I won't be replying again, because if at this point you don't see that having no a map was a design decision (Which has merits, whether you agree or not), or that I really don't want to be disguising something as trivial as this, then you never will.

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                One of my favourite gaming memories as a child was this section in a point and click adventure game going through a dark labyrinth of caves.

                In order to figure it out we eventually made our own simple map.

                This was maybe 20 years ago and I still recall it, there's certainly something to be said for having your player need to work outside the structure of the game.

              To be honest (and I love the game) I do think the health/bullets being a finite consumable is a bit much. Especially the health, these games are meant to be brutally hard and that goes hand in hand with health chugging in the souls series. I am stuck in an area where I am not making progress solely because I have to spend so much time restocking the potions, I think it definitely a misstep for them to work the way they do in this game. As for the bullets, I just think there is too many damn elements to their usage for it to warrant limited use, sure getting the parry is easier than previous souls games but then its also chancy on if that parry pays off (the follow up not triggering because of slight misplacement etc) I just think there are too many elements of chance with it and if they had removed either the limited use or the shitty recognition on a follow up it would have been a much fairer mechanic.

                Look, as I've said to the other guys. I was just looking to make a joke, not for all this.

                My view on Dan's article is that he had valid concerns about the game regarding things he didn't like, but went about sharing those thoughts in the wrong way.

                  I agree not exactly a very objective piece, not attacking your post, just my two cents on the whole thing.

                That's cool man, I don't mean to be harsh either, just feel swamped by the other guys that's all.

                I don't see the health pots not returning on death to a boss as being harsh or adding difficulty or anything of the sort... It's just adds an odd time sink that quite simply doesn't need to exist.

                It is ABSURDLY easy to farm more from the word go... But generally any time you need to (especially later) you're mowing down enemies like they're nothing anyway, so it begs the question why should you need to in the first place? You barely get decent amount of echoes from lower level or earlier enemies once you're too far in... So it does seem like nothing more than a blatant timesink, perhaps even an oversight.

                As for other items not returning... I personally don't mind that. If you choose to lob ten molotovs at a boss, that's you choosing to use resources you really might need later.

                There's already a limit on how many health potions you can carry, and I might add I think a cap of 20 is actually INCREDIBLY generous. So I think returning at least the health pots used on boss deaths alone is absolutely harmless, because it wouldn't do anything but remove the time sink of grinding more elsewhere between attempts.

      For anyones reference this the article outatime is referencing.

      Except for the game specific examples, this is my experience with Dark Souls and Demon Souls (not going to touch Bloodborne).

      If the Soul's games had an "easy" option to allow loading just before the bosses i would have kept playing. However the constant running back was soul crushing (no pun intended).

        It's a tough call isn't it. On the one hand, it would open the game up to a larger audience. But on the other it would almost go against what the game stands for.

        Have you ever tried playing the game levelled up to overkill levels etc. It's just not the same haha.

        So it's tough, the game is what it is, which is a great thing... and admittedly a bad thing (For some).

        Thanks for linking btw.

          If they didnt that it DEFINITELY wouldnt be a souls game. Maybe another dev will make a game that is one or two steps down in difficulty like it.

          Souls and Bloodborne are games designed to punish. I think i will just experience them though lets plays (Super Best Friends) as they tend to include alot of lore commentary aswell.

            I guess you could try Lords of the Fallen. I haven't played it myself but apparently its a watered down Souls experience.

              From what I've heard Lords of the Fallen is also apparently a very short game by comparison to anything Souls-ish.




    Here, let me answer this as quickly as I can.

    While playing the game and you come to a situation, think about what Mark Serrels would do right now and do the complete opposite. Good chance you can beat the game on your first try.

    Oh you know I love you ya bastard ;P

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    Am I the only person who's actually creeped out by the little white monsters that are all over the Notes/Death replays/Lamps?

    Especially when half their mouths look like really wide and gaping Vagines?

      I think everyone is, but it's not note worthy because its par for the course.

      Edit: The creepiness, not the 'gaping Vagines'. (Typo: Vaginas btw)

      Last edited 27/03/15 4:20 pm

        Not a typo, purposely typed it out as "Vagines".


        Many thanks for the concern with my vagina related typing though.

          Lol, ok that makes sense. It was more of a wondering afterthought more than trying to correct you or anything else.

      They are creepy for sure. (But you and I must be dating very different ladies)

    I'm honestly at a loss of why fans of these games demand that they retain their difficulty and never have any sort of "easy mode", to the point of being actively hostile. I mean do you go to kids soccer matches and start yelling at them for not playing on a prescribed FIFA sized football pitch? FILTHY CASUALS FOOTBALL IS PLAYED ON A 105x68 METRE FIELD GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE SCUM! (Yes I googled the size)

    Have a selection at the start of the game. "loser mode for losers" and "REAL MEN PCMASTERRACE GOD KINGS". There, everyone wins.

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      You being at a loss is only indicative of ignorance. Why not turn a black and white film into colour? Lots of people wouldn't understand why this would ruin a film because they are not aware or are entirely dismissive of the ways in which films communicate and facilitate story. If you dismiss everything people are actually saying and pretend to be ignorant enough to just assume that difficulty isn't an important part of the experience just like colour is in The Artist or a handheld camera in Birdman simply because your vast, wealth of knowledge cannot account for a feature in a game, then you aren't going to understand something entirely relatable.

      But this cater to everyone mentality is half of what is wrong with gaming at the moment, teams have to spread themselves so think to make sure everything works for the widest margin of players as possible that it all gets a half measure of the attention it needs. There is a reason why the souls games are very very popular with their intended market, it is because they focus solely on what the games are intended to be, unrelenting brutal slogs of action RPG goodness, and there is clearly a big enough market for that as you can see by the sales, so they can do it, sell their game and make more.

      Is it for everybody? Certainly not and they aren't meant to be, and that is OK, you don't have to like it. Should the audience lord it over people who don't like it as much as they do? No they shouldn't do that either, but thats an issue with the consumer not with the creators.

    the first set of clothes you can buy from the shop can actually find early on in the first level. Saving you a nice bit of echoes

      Are you talking about the clothes in the sewer next to the guy with the spear who stabs you to death the first damn time? The son of a bitch.

    The best thing i found was using the gun to parry enemies, so good.

    Can anyone offer me an explaination for why the matchmaking is so disgustingly shit? Don't get me wrong, I've summoned and summoned instantly, but passwords are minimum 5 minutes if ever.

      Yeah there are some issues with it, there is a guy on reddit doing exhaustive testing to try and get more reliable friend to friend match making to work, apparently he has made good progress you should check it out.

    This video is pretty handy. This is my first 'Souls' game so I'm finding it pretty difficult. It's starting to click though now as I've just beaten the first boss and bought a different weapon (kirkhammer)

    I just thought I'd drop in and mention that I'm sucking balls at this game. I won't let it beat me but fuck me it's tough.

      Hang in there. I was feeling pretty dejected after I died to the first boss, it having taken me quite a while to work my way up to it, but then I was exploring around and by accident found a shortcut that I will be able to use to get to the first boss in a fraction of the time. So now I'll be able to grind away until I beat that sucker!

    I was doing well, hadnt died in ages, 13,000 blood things saved up, saw a pig, climbed a ladder to lose its attention, it rammed the tunnel wall and i died because thats how life works :P
    I find I get plenty involved and then when i die in a really ridiculous manner i quit, in a matter of weeks i might finish the game :D

    Aaaanyway, its not a bad game, mildly enjoyable. Certainly beats the last game I bought, some railway experience involving mustaches and werewolves...

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