360-degree Waterslide Looks Like A Vomit Tube

360-degree Waterslide Looks Like A Vomit Tube

The SkyCaliber water slide is about to open at New Jersey's Action Park. It features a 45-foot vertical drop that leads you into a 360-degree loop. Nope.

I say nope for two reasons. The first is that I am a giant pussy who would throw up halfway around the loop and get the ride closed, ruining everyone's good time. The second is the way they make you ride the thing.

You're not allowed into it like you are any other water slide. In this one, for safety reasons, you're strapped into a metal cage and shot through the ride.

The design of the cage cuts a little too close to this bone.

360-degree Waterslide Looks Like A Vomit Tube

(via Geekologie)


    Smashing the 'verticle' barrier?

    Surely someone proof-reads this stuff before they go out with it?

    Yeah fuck that.

    The drop and loop don't phase me, that actually looks awesome. But being strapped into that cage? Yeah..... fuck that!

      It'd be a lot worse if it had the loop but not the cage.

    Pah... Wet n Wild at the Gold Coast has four of these. Also my 8 year old son went on 5 times in a row. I on the other hand nearly freaked out when you get locked into the capsule and the trap door opens!

      The ones at W&W aren't a hard 90 degress like this, though. They loop out to the side so people don't kill themselves.
      And I imagine that instead of the 1.5 hr wait to ride the W&W slides, this slide can maybe run 5 people a day if the staff are working for raises and fun park employee of the month awards.

    Waterbom park in Bali had one of these without the cage - it was funny when people got stuck at the top of the loop and you could see their shadows wriggling to get over the top.

      Freaking love that ride. Also love the guy that operates the trap door.

      "Right, gonna count down from 3.... Ready? 3.... DROP"

        hahaha. Would have to be up there as one of the more fun jobs in the world. I saw a guy count down to zero once and then just stand there without opening the door. The girl inside was absolutely packing herself.

    Let's hope it's safer than this slide:

    Waterslides aren't cool unless you have to wear a hoodie to ride them. Australians are pussies with their board shorts and bikinis and summer temperatures.

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