4,158,323 Creatures 'Died' In Last Six Months Of Dragon Age Development

4,158,323 Creatures 'Died' in Last Six Months of Dragon Age Development

Dragon Age Inquisition is a big game. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. In a chat with some people on the dev team though, they started to give me an idea...

The BioWare team killed more than 4 million animals and monsters during the last six months of development as part of testing and QA. The fact that they keep such strange and esoteric statistics makes me a bit jealous of the folks that work at BioWare. It seems that, even through a tough development process, they keep themselves in good humour about the whole thing.

  • 4,158,323 creatures 'died' during the last six months of development
  • Number of times the word "Nuggins" appears in the game: 18
  • Number of times Karin was testing multiplayer and thought the other Legionnaire was her, when in reality she was already dead: 2
  • 88,000 lines of voiced dialog
  • Close to 1 million voiced and written words in the game

For reference, Karin is BioWare Edmonton's lead editor and "Nuggins" is an animal in the game... though I can't help but read it as "noogie."

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    It is an enjoyable game, however it is very unpolished. Not many bugs, but things like hair and weapons clipping through clothing, NPCs walking into cutscenes, invisible walls, crafting feels like an afterthought. Still worth buying and playing though. I'm 70 hours in and still likely have 30-50 more hours to finish all the things.

    Nuggins is the name of an in universe fictional character that is a) a small delicious animal called a nug and b) becomes a pirate captain accidently. I imagine the use of the word in the game comes from the folk song about him you can find the words for.

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