42-Player Civilisation Game Fixed, Resumes Destruction Of Planet Earth

42-Player Civilisation Game Fixed, Resumes Destruction Of Planet Earth

My pessimism was for naught. The giant 42-player, AI-only Civilization V game that had seemed doomed has in fact been saved, and the surviving Civs are free to resume soaking the dirt with the blood of their enemies.

When the game broke down last week, bogged down by mods, an AI hiccup and the sheer scale of the map (it was taking over 20 minutes just to load!), the sole chance of reviving it lay with the save game’s code being repaired by someone at Firaxis, the guys who actually made the game. Which whaddya know, actually worked!

The glitch actually causing the halt, related to Japan trying to build too many naval units, seems to have been solved by manually going in… and destroying Kyoto.

A round of applause for Firaxis for helping out, and one for organiser/host TPangolin as well for sticking with it through all the adversity!


  • I’ve always wondoered what you do at a massive civ lan between turns…play 12 other civ matches?

  • I’ve been playing a bit of civ5 recently, the last couple of weeks, as only just got BNW… finished about 4 games in that time.
    my problem is trying to get any VICTORY without just going for domination victory…
    no matter what I try I always end up smashing out the artillery for their awesome 3 range and then I just compulsively take every city, it’s so easy to get a roll once you get going.

    • Science and diplomatic Victory are imo easier. Trying for a religious victory atm cause I’ve never been good at it

      • diplomatic victory = elected as world leader, yes?
        i’ve gotten the science victory a few times in the years, problem is peaking out the domination victory always has me winning by about the 1940’s with great war bombers only just appearing.
        it’s just too easy to take the cities once you get arty that I can’t resist warmongering, and then of course everyone hates you and you have no chance of diplo victory.
        also doing the science victory and leaving on the space ship always makes me wish it straight away went into a game of alpha centauri lol
        so yeah my only victories ever have been science and domination. not even close to cultural.
        Any idea how to ‘culturally influence’ other major civs? I think that’s something to do with the tourism and not your culture?
        religious victory would be pretty hard I think, especially if you don’t combine it with some domination to take cities to spread your religion far and wide.

        • Cultural victories in BNW are through tourism, you’re right. Your culture helps increase the size of your cities and helps to purchase social policies which boost your tourism. I find if you play the bigger maps and punch out the wonders, you’ll win by cultural victory. It’s how I win, because I can’t wipe everyone out before I’ve got too much tuna… I mean tourism.

          • Yeah culture is fine, I am still pretty unclear on how Tourism works however, I punch out the stuff for it and get up to like 350 odd tourism, but no idea what that actually does.. might go do some reading i guess

    • I’m the exact opposite, I can smash out a science or cultural victory no problems, but I’m TERRIBLE at domination. I just feel so guilty…
      Me: “I declare war on you!”
      Other civ: “You uncivilised beast! What a horrible person you are.”
      Me: “Aww, you’re right. I’m sorry :(” – withdraw
      Other civ, 10 turns later: “I declare war on you!”


      • Not me, I’m ruthless as.
        “What’s that Austria? You denounced me 125 turns ago back in the stone age…? I’d hate to see something happen to your lovely capital with all those Wonders……. wait no I wouldn’t.. DIE!”

        • The trick I’ve found is to only manage a handful of my own founded cities, something like 3-4, and have all the rest as puppets.
          If you take over heaps of cities and manage them yourself, all the costs for things like social policies just skyrocket.

    • Yeah, Dom. victory is too easy, although I’ll always kill any city that gets dropped up in my shit, sometimes I refrain from wiping their civ out completely.
      Lately with BNW most of my wins have been from Culture. Diplomacy is easy if you control all the City States. Science is kind of my backup option if I can’t quite reach Culture or Diplomacy victory.

      • One fun thing I did last game was to take over everyones cities apart from leaving them one each.
        That gave me complete control of the world council/UN as I was getting 12-14-16-18 votes while they only got like 2 each, so I could totally rule that shit haha.
        Yeah my usual route to domination is to make my few cities, then pretty much hold them until I get to the 3 space arty stage and then go nuts.
        So usually it’s 3-4-5 cities for the first say 600 turns (of a 750 turn epic game) and then taking over pretty much the entire rest of the map in the last 150 turns once you get all your bombers and battleships and rocket arty etc. It’s just to easy once you get the 3 range gear for taking down cities from a distance, dumb AI really can’t defend their cities very well at all. Always helps to get some city states on board too around your targets area just for distraction if nothing else

  • My friends and I are doing a Civ-a-thon this weekend, i’m sure we won’t go to war and be a peaceful constructive league of nations… maybe

  • Argh how can you guys get it wrong every single time you report something about this? The error was fixed by TPangolin himself, he still hasn’t heard back from Firaxis.

    Ninja-EDIT: Just checked the Reddit thread and Luke actually apologised and said that he updated his article with the real info. It seems that Kotaku AU is stuck with the old, inaccurate article.

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