A Game About An Elephant That Makes Stuff Blow Up

You know how in Donkey Kong Country when you jump in Rambi the Rhinoceros and just wreck shit? Remember how crazy and empowering that feels? Imagine there was a video game focused entirely on that.

Imagine that times a hundred. That's Tembo The Badass Elephant.

I'll admit, when I heard the name 'Tembo The Badass Elephant' I instantly had negative thoughts. The name just reminded me of terrible games on Steam, but watching this game in action it's almost as if you can feel the fun. The breakthrough moment for me was watching an elephant dive-bomb through a hundred-story building. That looks like a lot of fun.

The focus in this game appears to be on visible, tangible destruction. It just looks so rewarding to wreck all that stuff. I am so in for this video game.

It's coming this Summer in the US, which means Winter for us down in opposite world. Very keen for this. You can find out more here


    "when you jump IN Rambi"?

    Destroying stuff is fun. Makes me think of Blast Corps. Such a great under appreciated game!

      That game needs a remake or a sequel. The music is forever tattooed on my brain.

        Absolutely. A lot of variety in levels/gameplay and it was a challenging game too.

    Game Freak make games other than Pokemon now? And without Nintendo?

    This game looks awesome! Imagine if elephants could do this shit in real life!... There'd be no such thing as the ivroy trade... Just sayin'...

    Makes me think of Viewtiful Joe. Looks cool!

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