A Game Where You Play As Your Dad And Fight Anti-Dads

A Game Where You Play As Your Dad And Fight Anti-Dads

Dad By The Sword might have the best premise I've heard all year. I can't even do this proper justice.

Read what the game's creators have to say:

"Dad By The Sword is a First Person Sword-combat game about YOUR DAD running around in jean shorts as he slays Anti-Dads with a claymore and various other Dadcessories (Dad Accessories). Outsmart hordes of enemies, find weaknesses in their defenses, then use precise swings to slice them in half."

Or, more succinctly:

"This game started off as a design experiment about trying to make an interesting swordfighting game. Then the dad jokes got way out of hand."

There we go.

What this means, though, is that it sounds hilarious (hotdog monsters are anti-dads out of vengeance because dads grill so many hotdogs, etc) and looks legitimately fun to play. Sword fighting with both disarms and dis-arms? Yes, please.

Good first-person sword combat is exceedingly hard to come by in games, and this looks to scratch that itch handily — by which I mean "scratch" someone's hand clean off their arm. Binding of Isaac-style randomised dungeons don't sound too bad, either.

It is cool when joke games emphasise both the "joke" and "game" parts of the title.

Dad By The Sword will be out later this year. I can't wait to play as my dad and understand why he loves his yard more than he loves me. (Just kidding, dad. Mostly, DAD.)


    That's a wonderfully punny name. Go Dads.

    Are Dad games the new "thing" this year? First there's a game where you have to find your Dad in the shower and now this? What else will we see come out Father down the track?

      http://danielleri.itch.io/the-wonderful-world-of-dad-jokes :D

    Reminds me of Die by the sword, with less Orcs and more Dads =)

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