A Good Reason To Get Back Into Titanfall

A Good Reason To Get Back Into Titanfall

If you’re looking for a reason to dive back into Titanfall, here’s a good one: all of the downloadable content is now free on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC (on Origin!).

Not bad.


  • uuuugggghhhhhh…… I bought the Deluxe edition and got the season pass….. For a dead game that nobody plays and that now gave away all the seasonal DLC away free…. And still won’t have players on PC….


    • Yeah, the first and last time i buy a game with all its DLC at once. Once bitten, twice shy.

      • I’m pretty sick of Season passes, generally I’m not interested in the game by the time the last one drops, and when the first one drops it’s still buggy as hell, or in this case, using Singapore servers.

        • Wouldn’t be so bad if they at least had a botmatch, but EA seems to have been raging against that notion for their games since BF1942 (and it was only begrudgingly added to BF2 after intense lobbying from fans).

  • Damn shame this game never took off – CTF especially was fun – 3 months after launch though this game was more “waiting in the lobby simulator” than FPS.

  • Smells of desperation to get people back into it I got into TF a little bit after its release and already the numbers were dwindling in the modes outside of Attrition and Hardpoint. Guess its the trouble you get with effectively an online only game. Although I do like they added the horde mode that was a smart move.

    • That is though – the easiest Horde Mode in all of gaming! I got through it on my first attempt and I’ve never gotten through Horde of Gears of War or Escalation on Transformers!

      Still this was a nice surprise – I love Titanfall – it’s genuinely better than either COD or Battlefield (though BF4 is close! COD’s attempt at fast movement is still way more sluggish than Titanfall) so all the DLC for free last night is a deal I’ll happily take!

  • Just goes to prove my thought that multiplayer only games on consoles won’t last that long, at least until the next game is out and pwople move on. Are people still playing Evolve? The buzz around that game dropped off pretty much on launch day

    • It depends on the game. Battlefield has had a few games that were still going strong when their next version was released. Call of Duty 4 was almost unstoppable. Gears of War and Halo have had major long term successes. They don’t last forever but they don’t all fizzle out in the first few months like Titanfall, Evolve or Brink. Titanfall’s situation isn’t uncommon, tons of games try to be the next Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead and fail, but every year has a few standout games that succeed.

      Personally I think Titanfall would have been better off without the Titans. The on-foot action is so smooth and fun, then you get in a Titan and it’s all clunky. There’s not much skill involved beyond knowing the basics. You’ve got this giant mech but you don’t really feel powerful. They used the Titans as a way to set themselves apart from the rest and on paper it sounds really fun, but when it came down to actually playing it the movement was the killer feature and it was sort of stuck in the shadow of the Titan-play.

      • They used the Titans as a way to set themselves apart from the rest and on paper it sounds really fun, but when it came down to actually playing it the movement was the killer feature and it was sort of stuck in the shadow of the Titan-play.

        I think they realised that when they introduced that mode (Pilot mode?)where it was all on foot. Kind of goes against the whole premise of the game I thought.

        • Yeah. It goes against what the game is sold as but I think the product is better. It must be a weird thing to notice late in production. Imagine being really far along with development, everything is going fine, you’re really happy with how everything is turning out, and then noticing that the Titans aren’t really living up to the rest of the game. They’re not awful or anything so you wouldn’t scrap them, but they don’t really pop the way they should as the core feature of the game. You can’t cut them, you don’t have the time to rebuild them from scratch, and you’re working in relatively untested waters so you’ve got no idea if the little tweaks you can think of are going to make it better or worse.

  • People still play TF though. Maybe only in Attrition though. Still a very fun game. Never had issues on Xbone getting into games lately.

  • unless they give something extra to those who bought the deluxe edition I call shenanigans. I understand the game is dead, and I am sad about it, but to screw over those who trusted in you enough to buy your season pass is no way to earn customer loyalty.

  • I bought all the DLC when it was on sale, so I’m not super devastated about this.

    I still play TF as my go-to online shooter — BF4 lost me with months worth of netcode bulls#!t, and COD is COD i.e. the game where I die every 4 seconds.

    People still seem to be playing it on xBone, and I like how the lobby now at least shows you how many players are active in each game mode.

    Oh, and Frontier Defence is fun. I like how you never really know what you’re going to get. Some games are just 2 rounds—the first is usually a couple of grunts, and then the second is the kitchen sink. Hectic.

  • My group still plays it occasionally…we vote what games to play on Monday nights and it pop’s up quite a bit…but we have enough players for two teams so are usually matched up against each other.

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