A Halo Snipe Shot That Is Completely Nuts

A Halo Snipe Shot That Is Completely Nuts

OK, what's with all the unbelievable Halo snipes lately? Last week, we highlighted an absurd Halo snipe that ricochets off three different surfaces before connecting with the head of its victim. Today, we bring you a snipe by Jimmy Boswell that puts that last one to shame.

Somehow, Boswell lands a shot that ricochets off at least 6 different surfaces before headshotting the enemy, who is across the map. It's incredible. The best part is, it's a part of a double kill, too.


What even.


    I've seen something like this before. It was in Texas near a book depository.

    That looks like the last one posted. The bullet looks like it went nowhere near him.

    It must be frustrating to get killed that way. When I die it want to know it's because the other person played some small part in it, not because they got stupidly lucky and the game physics allows it to happen.

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