A Hilariously Drawn Out League Of Legends Pentakill

A Hilariously Drawn Out League Of Legends Pentakill

Killing all five members of the opposing team within a few seconds of one another in League of Legends is such an impressive feat that it has its own name: “pentakill”. Like many awesome League plays, it’s also old hat by pro players’ standards. Except for those great moments when it seems like you’re so close to getting the fifth kill but might not seal the deal in time.

Making it that last few feet to the pentakill finish line (penta-line?) in a recent game was enough to get the famously boastful pro League player DoubleLift up out of his seat and screaming. You can see why it was quickly picked up by the game’s ever-vibrant subreddit:

What makes it particularly funny is the fact that he’d already scored an “ace” by the time he’d made it to a quadrakill. An “ace” is when your team has killed the entire opposing team in a given League game — an event that gives you a huge tactical advantage since you have the map to yourself until the opponents start respawning. Either that, or massive bragging rights — which is probably more the case here. He had to wait for someone to come back to life just to he could kill him again!

Also, what makes it even funnier is the fact that it came shortly after DoubleLift scored another pentakill that was so drawn out he was bemoaning how long it was taking, as another Redditor noticed when posting this extended clip:

As Drake once said: “All it took was patience.”

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