Absention Is Beautiful, Australian And A Cross Between Gone Home And Majora's Mask

Absention sounds like it's pretty much a combination of all my favourite things. It takes the exploration of Gone Home, the time repeat mechanic of Majora's Mask, the stalking, randomised horror of Alien Isolation and chucks them all into one single, beautifully rendered package.

It's also built from the ground up for the Oculus Rift.

If this game delivers, man... we could have something pretty special here.

The above trailer is early — and shows off only a single room, so caution should be observed in terms of going into complete full-hype mode — but I'm extremely curious to see more. It's being created by a new Sydney start-up called Dream Wave Games headed up by Robert Bruce. Only two full time developers are currently working on the project, but the team is expected to expand throughout development.

Absention takes place in an abandoned Lake House that shifts its shape each time you play. It's inspired by games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The idea is that players must relive one day over and over and memorise certain key events and respond according — sort of like Majora's Mask.

Sounds extremely ambitious. Here's hoping Robert and the Dream Wave Games team can deliver.

You can find out more about the game here.


    Ah, this looks so amazing. :D

    The detail is amazing! Can't wait to play

    This looks incredible. Keep us up to date

      Hopefully the next update will be a trailer that bucks the trend of showing a beautifully rendered UE4 tech demo.
      This one does get points for alluding to a new Timesplitters game focusing on Deerhaunter.

    Looks awesome, pity I won't be getting an Oculus Rift. Hopefully it'll enventually come out for Project Morpheus.

    Almost photo-realism goes hand in hand with this kind of creepy vibe. The uncanny valley actually enhances the atmosphere rather than killing it. Looks fantastic :)

    As soon as I saw this I thought 'eerily similar to the Black cauldron lake lodge from Alan wake'.....anyone else think so?

      Yes. Very much yes.

      And now I want to play Alan Wake again.

    Looks good -> Looks good -> Gorgeous -> 'Damn I wanna play Alan Wake 2' -> OMGWTFBBQ

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