Alien: Isolation Sure Looks Less Scary In Third-Person

Alien: Isolation Sure Looks Less Scary In Third-Person

One of the coolest things about Alien: Isolation was how thoroughly it put players into the quaking space-boots of its protagonist Amanda Ripley. There was a button for re-focusing her eyes!

Today at GDC, Creative Assembly’s Alistair Hope demonstrated an earlier version of the game that was a more traditional third-person survival horror game. Destructoid caught a pretty good video of it:

It looks fine, but I’d say they definitely made the right call switching to first-person. That said, considering that they had made a whole character model for Amanda, it’s a bit weird that she still didn’t cast a shadow in the final game…


  • I can see why they changed to 1st person as it makes you feel more vulnerable/exposed having to move out from behind something to see. With 3rd person you can use the camera to see around objects and corners meaning you can cheat to a degree and not expose yourself because you can see over that box etc.

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