An RPG With No Wizards Or Spaceships? Sign Me Up

An RPG With No Wizards Or Spaceships? Sign Me Up

I’m very much into the premise of Kingdom Come Deliverance, which is a medieval RPG that’s all about history. No monsters, no magic, no witches, no giant rats. Just regular folk going about everyday medieval business.

Which, you know, will obviously include famine and war and brigands and disease and all other unsightly things, but for now, in the game’s early alpha release build, there’s just the sun, the birds and the breeze to worry about.

The game’s due… sometime this year, and is bound for not just the PC, but Mac, PS4 and Xbox One as well.


  • I am Kind of looking forward to this game, they have a very achievable goal and the tech demo looks good. But it is still a crowd funded game and, in my experience, i have never seen a successful game come from that. Hopefully this game bucks the trend

    • Lots of promising games come from Kickstarter but nothing big, besides…… Star Citizen!!!

      Keep in mind that Chris Roberts (owner of Star Citizen) is in close relationship with the devs of this game and they’re sharing coding ect with each other. SC has raised 74 Million + so if they can they will help this game out in some way or another.

      • Yeah I get that, but Star Citizen hasn’t released yet and even though it looks super promising and what they have released is good, It could still go the way of so many other over promised games from Kickstarter.

    • It’s not actually Kickstarter funded, per say. The Kickstarter was just to prove to the investor that there was a market for the game. As mentioned in the Kickstarter page, what they were asking for wasn’t enough to fund the game with the team they had, let alone the team it’s become.

    • You’ve NEVER seen a successful crowd funded project? Did you actually know they’re quite plentiful? Chances are you have seen a successful crowd funded game but didn’t know it. This is what only reporting on failures gets you, Kotaku. This guy has literally NEVER known of a successful campaign.

  • “An RPG With No Wizards Or Spaceships? Sign Me Up” wow, no such game has come before.

    *cough*Shin Megami Tensei*cough*

  • Looks fantastic! I hope you re-report on it once it is actually available for purchase…Otherwise I’m likely to forget about it.

  • Strange my “Fus Ro Dah” does not work in these lands.

    …later on the battlefield one takes an arrow to the knee.

  • Its sitting in my steam folder. still waiting for a significant update to it. Also I believe I’m still waiting for crossfire to work with it.

  • Crowdfunding part is only small part of their budget. Rest of budget is from single bussinesman.

  • Looks so god damn pretty, but the weird thing with the shadows loading about 6ft in front of you as you walk is just way too distracting.

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