Australian ‘Thug’ League Of Legends Team Can’t Stop Getting Suspended

Australian ‘Thug’ League Of Legends Team Can’t Stop Getting Suspended

So, this is Rich Gang eThugs. They’re an Australian team that competes in League of Legends’ Oceanic Pro League. And, in keeping with their name, their members just keep on getting suspended.

As The Daily Dot reports, they have just received their third suspension from LoL devs Riot in three months, because, well, their players are consistently being reported as some of the most abusive in the game.

While one of the three (Sam “Paws” Pourzinal) was actually permanently banned for “ELO boosting“, the other two received seven-week suspensions for their poor conduct in matches. The first, Dayshifted, had been reported for “a severe and hateful level of verbal harassment”, which included stuff like “sexual harassment and exhortation to commit suicide”. The second, Rich Homie Dre, had been reported in 40 per cent of his games over the last fortnight.

It sounds pretty gross, and is, but then it also plays to the “character” of the team, who are going out of their way to be as terrible and casual about the whole pro gaming thing as they can possibly be. Witness their team video:

Which loads of people aren’t happy about! There are many in the LoL scene who struggle for the game, and eSports in general, to be taken more seriously. A team like this, who are essentially taking the piss, are to these folks a threat to that progress.


  • Riot are being massive nazis about this, its a game made for fun but as soon as someone tries to have fun on the competitive scene they get suspended.

    • Being Nazis banning people for being reported in over 40% of their games AND they’re recognised players on the competitive scene? How is that being a Nazi?

    • Haven’t we had enough of people being idiots and calling something they dislike Nazi’s this week? If your fun comes at the emotional expense of others, then damn right you should have your privileges restricted. In a “game made for fun”, throwing around abuse, sexual harassment and telling people to commit suicide are unacceptable.

    • It’s a game made for fun and people are acting like dicks so they’re being punished. I fail to see how Riot are the bad guys in this…

    • Since when has ‘having fun’ ever been an excuse for being a bunch of abusive dickbags?

      • You are speaking to those people who does that kind of thing. Of course they don’t see the problem.

        • Probably so, but I’m interested in the justification, assuming there actually is one.

          • Well from all the justifications that I heard so far, it is always about the person enjoying it when he is doing it but usually unhappy when people abuse them instead.

    • Yeah. There’s nothing more fun than being verbally assaulted when all you want to do is play a game.

  • Look like a bunch of noodle armed pissants who would shit themselves if they ever met a thug in real life. Internet tough guys, real world losers.

  • These guys need to listen to someone who is a reformed diamond geezer (english underworld slang) & get taught a lesson about whether or not they can actually back up those word with something physical

    • They’re playing an online game and being jerks while doing it. Whether or not they can back it up in real life is irrelevant because their goal isn’t to be real life “gangsters” but do it through LoL. Don’t mix reality with video games it’s plain stupidity.

  • Well, if we ever need to sacrifice some virgins to the Volcano Gods, we know where to find them.

  • I barely bother playing lol anymore, the toxicity of the community was just too much. Only way to play is with a pre-made 5 and all-chat turned off. Not even slightly surprised it’s an Aussie team either, the oceanic server is the worst.

    • Our e-sports teams are as bad as real sports teams. But it’s hard to beat Steve Waugh’s reputation for succinctness without profanity “You’ve just dropped the World Cup” when one of the opposition dropped a catch.

  • I think the general level of comprehension in things like storytelling, character and writing have drastically reduced in the last few years because of how much power everyone has to immediately be their own favourite critic and never actually learning anything. Whenever some idiot on the internet is trying to be funny, it’s always just randomly offensive in multiple directions and nothing else.

    This is all they understand.

  • Unfortunately, its beyond an act now. That’s actually who they are.

    To those defending them, there’s a difference between banter and going out of your way to tease someone about their dead dad. These guys have no place in the pro league scene. Not only are they giving LoL a worse image, they are making the OPL a laughing stock. Fuck these guys.

  • The whole… abusing other players thing isn’t okay, and the suspensions/bans seem warranted to me.

    Getting upset that they’re not taking video games seriously enough though? That’s really dumb. Their team video is stupid, but I actually thought it was kinda funny, and honestly I found it less stupid than the melodramatic posturing that many, many teams (both pro gaming teams and sports teams in real life) go for. At least theirs shows a sense of humor. It’s a game, it’s meant to be fun. It’s not AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN TITANIC GODS FOR THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE.

  • I think I am the only person who is disappointed that ELO Boosting has nothing to do with improving airplay of Electric Light Orchestra. Jeff Lynne is a genius who was able to merge pop-rock sensibilities with the gentle quality of a light orchestra in such great hits as “Living Thing” and “Mr Blue Sky”.

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