Awesome Space Games Are On Sale For The Next 14 Hours

And by 'awesome space games' I'm referring to stuff like Alien Isolation, EVE Online, Kerbal Space Program and dozens more. Alien Isolation is $16.99 and it's one of the best AAA games of last year. Easily.

The sale is on the Humble Store and it's fairly extensive. Plenty of titles are knocking 80% off their normal RRP. Impressive stuff. I'd get on it if I were you: there's only 14 hours left in the sale.



      Praise be ZJ. You should get an editor cred.

        What's a ZJ? If you have to ask, you can't afford it...

    Hey, that reminds me, what ever happened to the EVE spinoff that was VR fighters etc.

      Not much news since the middle of last year, but EVE Fanfest is on later this week, so we might find out more there.

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