Backer-Only Broken Age Docos Are Now Available To Everyone

Backer-Only Broken Age Docos Are Now Available To Everyone

A month from now, Double Fine will release the second act for Broken Age, the Kickstarter-cashed game that arguably ignited the crowd-funding model many indie games now attempt as a matter of course. In the lead-up to its debut, Double Fine is slowly uploading the previously backer-only documentary series about the game’s creation.

If you want to start from the beginning, the first clip can be found below:

If you hit up the documentary’s playlist 10 episodes are currently out (excluding the five-minute game pitch), each with a running length of roughly 20 minutes. According to Polygon’s Emily Gera, new videos will be uploaded twice a week on US Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fans might have cooled somewhat to Double Fine and its founder, Tim Schafer, given recent events with other games the company has worked on, but if you’re still keen on his magic, it doesn’t get better than this very extensive glimpse behind the scenes.

Double Fine Adventure! [YouTube, via Polygon]


  • So they finally released the second half of the most funded kickstarter game.
    Now if only they’d release the second half of Spacebase.

  • Now that I’ve just finished part one, I’m keen for part 2.

    I just hope none of the podcasts I listen to spoile act 2 like they did act 1.

  • Even if adventure games/Double Fine aren’t your thing, if you have any interest at all in how games are made then this documentary is a must-watch. It covers everything – coding, art, sound recording, music, economics – all aspects of what goes into a finished game. The guys from 2PP are good, so it doesn’t drag on.

    Definitely recommend queuing up a few episodes on a Saturday morning with some coffee.

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