Basement Is Basically Breaking Bad: The Video Game

Basement Is Basically Breaking Bad: The Video Game

Basement, an indie strategy game currently in development, is about a "scientist that has been forced to do not exactly legal stuff underground". You know where this is going.

It's a strategy and management game all about making, then selling, hard drugs. Starting off in a small basement, you've got to manage production, hire employees (and security), expand your operations and avoid the cops.

Which all sounds very unsavoury, but god damn, look at that art style. They're the cutest little meth dealers you ever did see.

You can check out more on the game at its official site.


    Sounds interesting wish it was out now

      This is way too often the case.

      "Check out this cool thing which is cool!"
      "Wow, that really IS cool! How do I get it?!"
      "Support the Kickstarter!"
      "Oh. So... it might not actually happen and even if it does, I'll only see it in 2-3 years. :("

        Yeah... a lot of cool stuff doesn't deliver.. this particular project appears as if it's almost done - from their page:

        Hello! It’s already mid February, and this month we promised to finish Basement development and deliver full version to our backers. Unfortunately, in the beginning we’ve been too optimistic in our estimates. So we’re delaying public release for 2 month.

        They have a roadmap of what they are doing for those 2 months as well. They seem pretty transparent.

      I tellya whut though... when I have energy, I'm going to do a 'kickstarter' word search for projects which reached their funding 3+ years ago and see what cool stuff from back then that I postponed excitement for, I can ACTUALLY be excited about now. :)

        You probably won't want them any more - the moment will have passed :P

          Welll, there was a spy vs spy-looking thing a while ago about a guy growing up with a rival who was their moral opposite that looked pretty cool, I'm still interested in that one...

    Banned in Australia in 3...2...1...

      I am confused by what gets banned here and what doesn't... original L4D2 was censored because you were killing "infected humans", not zombies.. but in Payday/2 I can murder thousands of police officers just doing their job. Is it because they have weapons and these "infected humans" didn't... why does removing blood make a difference lol.. oh Pd2 has no blood maybe that's why it's ok?

      I'm surprised the drugs in GTAV got through.. but I think if you don't get a (physical) benefit from a drug named after a real life drug you are ok (like Risen)... chinatown wars was all about drug dealing.. I guess this is the same... making money is ok, as long as it doesn't augment your character lol...

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