Batman Vs Darth Vader: The Rematch

Batman vs. Darth Vader: The Rematch

All you people who cried foul at the end of that brawl where Darth Vader and Batman threw down on the Death Star, this one's for you.

Bat in the Sun went and made another version of their popular Super Power Beat Down episode that pit Batman vs Darth Vader few months back. Since it's an alternate ending, it's not a spoiler to say that the Dark Knight wins this time out. How does Bruce Wayne emerge victorious against one of the most powerful Force-wielders ever? You'll have to watch.


    Soz that I'm in a narcy mood. I don't usually leave negative comments. Super cool concept. Great costumes and effects. But very poor directing, lighting and cinematography.

    A good director and producer, with those resources could have made something really amazing. Many, many of those shots would NEVER have been used in any of the films. There's a reason for that.

      Its almost like... its a fan project...

        Yeah but no one makes a short film wanting it to be any less than excellent. It takes sooo much time, effort and money. They had some really nice stuff in that short. The effects alone! I would love to be the director on a short like that. They had all the ingredients.

    got a link to the one you made? @rowan

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      Actually I've made 2 but I don't want to post the links here. I'm pretty sure you'll all tell me how bad they were. Newsflash - I know :) but my next one will be better.

    I kinda preferred the Vader wins version. At least there was some validity to this version though.

    Dam I wish I could find my Batman vs Predator softcover, so good

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