Baymax, The Chinese Flight Attendant

Baymax, The Chinese Flight Attendant

You are looking at someone wearing a Baymax costume while learning how to be a flight attendant. As one does.

Picture: Sina

Via Sina, the training went like this in the simulation plane:

Pictures: Sina

A flight attendant trainee from Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Aviation was apparently stuffed in a Baymax costume. Here you can see her in front of the mock aeroplane.

Picture: Chengdu

Some of those flight attendants sure are getting handsy with the Baymax lady!

Big Hero 6 is popular in China, where it's been doing well at the country's box office. Since Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Aviation has done other cross-promotion type publicity stunts in the past, Baymax's appearance at the school isn't totally out of left field.

Picture: Sina

Baymax also taught a room full of flight attendants. Probably a good lesson on feelings and warm hugs.

Or, it seems, this gent was put into a Baymax outfit too.

Picture: Chengdu

What a trooper.

You know, Baymax really makes everyone so happy and spreads the love around.

Picture: Chengdu

Even when he stares at you while you are reading.

Picture: Sina

Or creeps into the women's restroom with flowers.


  • Is it really ‘Baymax’ or one of those quasi-legal Chinese things like the fake Apple Store or ‘Transformers’ parks. The suit is like the droopy, knockoff Miss Piggy from Kimmy Schmidt.

  • Simulation plane far too unrealistic. Not enough crazy fuckwit passengers. Not even exaggerating. But hey, the costume is cute!

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