Broken Half-Life Is Scary Half-Life

Broken Half-Life Is Scary Half-Life

The original Half-Life, in my opinion, is one of the most memorable games of all time. This, however, is not Half-Life as you remember it. Not at all.

The purveyors of endless video game nightmare fuel over at Vinesauce got their hands on a Half-Life mod called Glitch-Life. In short, it randomizes Gordon Freeman's legendary journey by replacing textures and sound effects with... well, kinda whatever it feels like. As you might imagine, inconceivable horror ensues. It is, however, salted with hilarity, oftentimes resembling a ghost wizard battle on a playground made of Legos. I particularly enjoyed the part where there was just an endless fountain of guns spurting forth from the Nowhere Dimension.

I did not enjoy the part that produced the GIF at the top of this article.

I will now leave you to make your own judgments. If, however, you require cuddles while you choke out confused sobs afterward, or even just someone to scoop up the fluids that will invariably leak out of your brain while you watch, let me know. I'm happy to help.

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    Yay. A video to look forward to when i get home. Cheers.

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