Brutal Half-Life Is A Goddamn Blood Bath

Look, Half-Life is a great video game. We all know that. But have you ever kinda thought to yourself, 'I'm having fun here, but the violence is a little pedestrian for my tastes, why can't everyone just explode into a pile of blood?'

Well, do I have the mod for you.

M249 - Mod DB It's called Brutal Half-Life and — yes — it's inspired by the Brutal Doom mod that did the rounds a while back. Only difference it: it's Half-Life.

And crap is exploding everywhere. It's a goddamn blood bath.

By all accounts Half-Life has aged pretty spectacularly, so it might be worth a replay you blood-thirsty bastards.

You can find out more about the mod (and download it) here.


    Looks a lot like Soldier of Fortune

      Ah SoF2. The first game to gross me out with the locational damage/internal organs flying out.

        first one to make me laugh at such things - I was playing the ship level in the demo and shot a guy with my shotgun as he was walking past me - he turned to look at me and both his arms fell off!

    I always forget how echoey Half-Life is

      U know u luv it! heheh

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