Capcom All-Stars Statue Series Is Off To A Variable Speed Start

Capcom All-Stars Statue Series Is Off To A Variable Speed Start

First 4 Figures is creating a sister series to its Mega Man statue line called Capcom All-Stars, giving the game company a chance to highlight even more characters it’s not doing enough with. First up: Viewtiful Joe.

With the $US210 light-up exclusive and $US190 normal version now up for preorder with a Q4 2015 release window, Capcom has plenty of time to remind fans why their cel-shaded hero was cool enough to get throne a cameo bone every once in a while.

It’s a beautiful stature, and that pose if just perfect, but seeing old Joe here just makes me wonder what other Capcom All Stars are in the pipe.

Let’s think. They could certainly do something with characters from the Breath of Fire series, as they have not done anything in ages. Ooo, how about Captain Commando, or maybe someone from Darkstalkers? Even better, just make figures of everyone on the “Capcom” side of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. That would be a good start.

Oh, and maybe one of these while they’re at it.

The point here is most of my favourite Capcom franchises are either dead or stagnant or going mobile, so an immobile statue is an excellent way to remember them.


  • Fuuuuuck. I don’t really like F4F stuff, but I friggen love VJ. Though I do have a little figurine thing of him already.

    And yeah, if they did Vanessa that could turn out to be too hard to pass up.

  • I would buy an Arthur from the Ghouls n Ghosts series without a doubt. I can see it now, him in a jumping motion throwing a javelin wearing his trade mark love heart boxer shorts. Amazing.

    • Oh god I didn’t even think of that my wallet’s already screaming NO at the idea of it.

  • I know it’s nitpicking, but…
    thrown a cameo bone”
    “It’s a beautiful statue

  • Viewtiful Joe – had that on the cube, was such a killer game. It stuck a great tone and was really fun. Very cool style.

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