Carmageddon: Reincarnation Launches On Steam On April 23

Video: The next Carmageddon game, Carmageddon: Reincarnation, leaves Early Access and launches on Steam on April 23, almost 15 years after the series' last game. There's a launch trailer above (it's about as bloody as you'd expect), and you can head here for the announcement, which has a features list for the final release.


    Can't wait!

      Hell yeah! I've been loving the beta! Soooooooo good! :) Unlocked all the cars last week! Still so much more to do though!

    The classification board is going to love this one!

    I've been playing the beta too, it really is a return to form for the series!
    It's essentially Carmageddon 2 with much better graphics, physics, and some new toys. Brilliant!

      I got in on the pubic beta, and have loved every minute of it.

      Also, it allowed me to finally get all the games on steam, so I can finally throw away my splat pack disc!

      Everyone's hating on it, but I kinda miss the music of tdr2k though...

      "HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIEEEE?!" dukka dukka dukka dukka dukka...

      Last edited 20/03/15 10:34 am

        I loved the Fear Factory soundtrack on the first game... Demanufacture was the perfect 'theme song'.

      Important question! In Carmageddon 2, the deformation of the car models was brilliant. You could bend your car like a banana so the wheels didn't touch the ground properly. Can you do that in this one?

    WROOOOOONNNNG Checkpoint!

    Man, I still have that go through my head when playing any racing game and missing a checkpoint... heck who am I kidding.. I say it out loud

    Hopefully this isnt anything like the 'betas' or 'pre-release' versions as they were truly truly terrible.
    Carmageddon is still one of those old nostalgia games that i love returning too

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